Friday, 24 April 2009

Prosculpt - My very first try - Pendant

Well, for quite a large part of the day i've squashed and squidged, rolled and stretched in an attempt to make a pendant.
This is a tree face pendant, although i have to say it's not turned out how i imagined.
Prosculpt is new to me and while i'm falling in love with it i'm having to learn how to work it, how to bake it and how to paint it.
So today i've been running tests with pastels, acylics and all manner of colouring materials. As usual i ended up with acrylics.
You would not believe how long its taken to make this tree face. This is the third attempt with the previous two not looking quite as good.
Prosculp is a beautiful clay, takes on wonderful details, holds its shape well and as far as i can tell is nice and strong. Plus if you imagine a small block of fimo costing around £1.60 and this massive block of prosculpt costing around £14.00 its superb value for money.
I would also imagine and please dont tell me off all you wonderful people that sculpt fabulous figures, but it would be good for all out floor tile and brick
problems. Because it keeps its shape well it would be wonderful for making tiles and bricks. Thats only my opinion though.
So above is the finished pendant. It looks fab when held on my chest and even my boys love it and want one too. So i think i'll have a go at making others and thinking of making troll faces and perhaps goblins and the like. Once i'm good at the prosculpt i think i'll make one pendant a week for sale with my regular miniatures. This will give me a bit of practise for when i have the courage to move onto a figure. Lord only knows how long it would take me to make a hand, never mind two. Perhaps all my figures can wear gloves... lol.


  1. What wonderful face! Great first pendant Nikki!

  2. Niki I wish I has one of your artworks. When are you going to list some on eBay again?

  3. Thats a great first pendant Nikki, I love him, he strikes me as being a tree spirit. I started off sculpting just heads, first puppen fimo, I now use prosculpt and living doll. I paint my sculpts with genesis heat set paints, they are expensive but go a long way. If you ever want any pointers just shout up :O) And as for bricks, you could always use the dirty stuff for that LOL.

    Debie x

  4. Thank you Nikki. I am glad to hear that there is someone else out there experimenting too.

  5. It's wonderful! He's got such an expressive face. :-)

  6. Hi, great job!!!!, I like the expression!!!!

  7. Nikki he's wonderful. Can't wait to see what else you come up with..

  8. Hi Casey. Thanks, yes, i like him too.

    Hi Tarpiglet. Thanks for your nice comment. Lol, at asking when i will have something ready for ebay. Hopefuly i'll be more organised in the next week or two and shall list quite a bit. I'm making sweets at the moment, but keep being distracted with runing tests on clay and trying so hard to sculpt without musch success.

    Hi Debie. Thanks for for the tip on colours for painting. I've never heard of that product and shall check it out. My only trouble is i can't do hands no matter how hard i try. Last night i made a fab wizard head which i'll show everyone later, but the hands just won't work for me.

    Hi Judy C. Yes, you have to experiment otherwise you will just stay making the same thing all the time. I so want to sculp and shall keep going.

    Hi MiniKat. He didnt turn out as i imagined but still he makes an unusual bit of jewellery.

    Hi Moti. Thank you for the nice comment.

    Hi Debbie. Wait until you see my wizard face.

    Nikki x

  9. Nikki we love him, think hes pretty amazing for your first sculpt, certainly wouldnt think it was your first attempt! As well as pendants, if you want to make for sdollshouses still but dont like hands about making miniature books from fimo and adding these faces as book fronts for spooky houses? I have a fabulous book by Coleen ( Wetpaint) with a witches face coming out of it. Im sure youd do it beautifully.
    Kate and John xx

  10. He is terrific Nikki... He looks like a 'Forest Spirit' ...I can see him with 'leaves' that you sculpt and cool dark green beads on the pendant cord....

    Well done... don't worry about will do fine...if you need some pointers...I am always here to help...


  11. Your faces have such spirit, I have allways used prosculpt on all my figures, the clay comes in colors such as caucasian flesh, ethnic brown, translucent and baby. When I complete my sculpting I color with powder chalk, makeup, and pastel pencils for the fingernail tips. It can be applied prior to baking or after then spray with a light matte finish. Painting will be a new medium for me with my sculptures. Hands are my favorite I too have some tips that make all the difference, would love to share them with you.


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