Friday, 3 April 2009

The before... wait for the after!

Here's the before... will be a few day until the after.


  1. Can't wait to see what your going to do Nikki..
    Have you been to IKEA again?

  2. Oh no, not yet, going tomorrow to get a shelf unit and some more storage.
    I know it's not really a messy room but being a typical virgo i just can't stand everything not having a place. Also can't stand things like hot chocolate pots so going to make all my storage pots, boxes, crates etc all match.
    Plus i need some sort of stand for my houses so i'm inspired to work on them.

  3. This is a perfect place! I love it. As soon as I'll win a lottery I shall buy a house with a room for myself. Virginia Wolf said that any woman nedds it and she was damned right!!

  4. Wow this is the before! Its so tidy as it is. Wish I could have our conservatory, its the playroom at the moment, maybe when they are older! Have you heating in there, it looks cosy. And love that comfy chair. Its nice to see where you do all your work Nikki and where you chat to us all on the computer.Looking forward to seeing the after too
    Kate and John

  5. What a lovely place to work, with so much natural light! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Light and windows. Windows and light. Plants?
    What a wonderful room!

  7. I think a plant is needed... lol.
    Hope you win the lottery Rosanna. I won all of just £10 last week. Doesn't buy much that amount!
    Yes, its heated for the winter from the other side of the rom, but if its really cold then i need a little heater.
    It is a nice light room, but you can't do much with storage because of all the windows.

  8. Love your windows, what a wonderful miniature designing area, natural light is always so great. Looking forward to more. Nice photo of you.


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