Sunday, 12 April 2009

Building a new house!

Gosh, think i've gone mad this evening and on a whim decided to build a new house.
I'm making it out of foamboard which is what architects use for their models.
What i like about this for building is that i can double the board up as many times as i like or leave as a single layer. It's so easy to cut with a craft knife and requires just the minimal amount of tools.
If anyone wants to know a great place for buying this inside the uk then here is the link
I bought the 5mm A2 sheets with i think about 10 sheets in the pack, and looks like i will only need 3 to build one house. But will keep you posted on that.
Whats great about it is i can make everything and then cover with paperclay, wood, tiles and floorboards and it will still be light to carry around or even post.
Just hoping i dont experience any warping.
To prevent warping Debbie has advised pushing wooden skewers right up and through the foam core to give it extra starength. Although i'm doubling mine up and it seems ever so strong.
Staying up late tonight to work on this and will post a new picture tomorrow.
Excuse all my typing errors as usual, but in a mad rush to get back while i'm in the mood... lol

Oops... forgot to say this is a witches potion shop and potion making room to the side. Had to be for a witch didnt it... lol. It's my trial house and plan to make more for sale if all goes well and happy with the results.
I've picked this material because it is light and so if my plan works and i post them it wil keep the postage costs down.
Although... how do you post such big items. I just use regular postal services at the moment because everything i make is small. If anyone can advise te best way for posting large items then your suggestions are most welcome.


  1. Oops.. forgot to say. Its a witches shop and potion making room.
    Had to be a witch didnt it.

  2. Nikki, we use Parcel Force for large items. It costs £20.00 to post a Horse Saddle, so yours should be cheaper then that...

  3. Meant to say Nikki, don't forget to write everything down. So that you can refer back to it.. x

  4. Nikki, most of the houses weve won on ebay have been sent Parcelforce 48, or 24 if the person wants it quicker. Great service, trackable and reasonable. Website just askes for buyer and sellers postcode and weight of parcel and estimates the postage cost. Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing it, are you intending on putting in a tree somewhere like that wonderful Etsy house you showed? Kate and John

  5. Yes, a tree is going in. The base is now complete and just working out what to do next.
    I'm not working to a strict 1:12 scale.... hmmmmmmmmm, well i am but it's got nice high ceilings so things can be hanging without getting in the witchy customers way... lol.
    Thanks to everyone so far for the postage tips, please keep them coming.
    Have had a few problems but all sorted now. This was caused by a circle window on the back wall of the shop. Then i realised if this was to be seen the roof would not be strong, so back went the cut out window.. lol.
    Looking good though.
    Patrick my son has taken a liking to the foam board and after looking on the internet is copying canary wharf. It's late but he's sitting on the floor chopping and working it all out. He's mad if you ask me, but when he wants to make something there is no stopping him, so up all night i think we will be.

  6. Sounds like you are having fun with your foam board! :-)

    I "friended" you on facebook if you are interested.

  7. I've never worked with foam, I certainly follow this.
    The advantage that it remains as light attracts me.
    * marlies

  8. Nikki , I thought maybe i could use this to make the 2 bread ovens in the Pie shop, what glue do you use to stick it together, does it glue well? Id need to paperclay the oven once made from foamboard and mark out into brickwork, then paint, hopefully will work out cheaper than buying bricks. Kate

  9. Pva is perfect, plus i pinnd it with cocktail stick, which ran out so i used, wire, which ran out, so i just used sticks from the garden then.
    I'd dried them a long time ago, so no real mould will be going on in this abode.


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