Sunday, 12 April 2009

Great tutorial site for sculpture.

Debbie from tiny treasures sent me this fab link today for some handy tips on doll making. Here's the link to click on Fairytasia
I'm sure this will be great for quite a few of us interested in sculpture but unsure of the basics.
I should also have a book titled, fairies, gnomes and trolls arrive in the post this week and will post some pictures of quite a few pages over on my other harry potter blog. I'll post one or two here so you know when it arrives. I think its nice to have a sneaky preview of a book and for anyone thinking of buying books on fairy sculture i'm sure it be be of use.
Hope you are not all feeling sick of chocolate. So far i've scoffed far too much and feeling quite sick.


  1. LOL not one piece of Chocolate has passed my lips yet Nikki.. Glad you liked the link.. You've left the "T" of Tutorial..

  2. Yes, just saw the missing t... Lol.
    T is added now

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these. I've been trying prosculpt lately. I can sculpt with porcelain but the minute I try to do a head in prosculpt it goes really soft and the back of the head gets misshapen. I'll just have to keep trying, thought maybe I would try putting the back of the head in a mold while I sculpt. Great to have another site for inspiration. Look forward to seeing the book too.

  4. Spooky Nikki , Jon bought me that book for Easter, got it yesterday and its brilliant! As soon as school starts Im going to have a go at making something from it. really good for learning to do faces. Dont think its to 1 12th scale but its good for the basics . Highly recommend it . thought of you when I got it and was going to let you know about it but now youll get to see yourself :-) lol Kate xx

  5. Hi Nikki...

    Looks like a pretty good tutorial for building mini bodies . Basically what I do ...only think I would add to carful of using the green floral tape if you are going to sculpt over it. I have heard several stories over the years of artists developing 'bleed' throughs of the green color into the polymer clay...also many find that certain clays do not stick that well to the tape...But give it a try and see how you like it. If you want to use the tape for that 'neat tidy ' look...try using the 'white' floral tape...

    Have a Great Monday


  6. Thanks for the info Jodi. I think i'd have just not used the tape. Is it essential that tape is used? Oh now i'm unsure again... lol
    I'll buy white tape just to be sure. Mind you building the hosue at the moment so may be a little while. I now have 3 types of doll clay so i can work out which i like best.

  7. Jodi... i was just thinkig. It's little green men i have planned. Perhaps the green would be perfect for them... lol.
    No, only kidding, i'll buy the white.

  8. Hi Nikki...

    Actually tape is not necessary at is just a 'preference' of some artists. Some prefer foil (my preference) ...but all of this is only necessary if you are sculpting the entire body ...but... if you are leaving the body 'soft' with an under armature for positioning purposes... and just adding your heads, hands and legs ...then you can simply wrap the body tightly with a yarn.... wrapping around the wire to fill out the body... works great and you can control the shape you need ...I like a small chenille yarn for minis.


  9. Jodi. I'm even more confused now... lol.
    An under armature i ask you! Think i get it though and i reckon that's what my witch is made of because she is nice and soft. Mind you, today she is covered in dust from mod roc, and a few splashes of paint. Plus has lost her glasses. Not only lost her glasses but a thumb too.
    The lady that made her sent me some replacement arms and i still haven't got round to swapping them. I'm quite nosey and wonder if things will break, hence why the thumb is missing. My poor children get the blame even when i do it myself... lol
    I do quite like her all dirty though and she is always with me as i work. She's been through some adventures and dropped in the bin several times by accident. I'm hopeless with dolls as you can imagine.

  10. I bought myself a box of Count Chocula instead of real chocolate for the day itself (I'd already eaten enough mini and creme eggs in the weeks leading up to!)...the box is gone, as of this morning! Now I'm ready to sculpt like a whirling dervish! :D


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