Monday, 13 April 2009

The basics done... don't look too close!

Please dont look to close. Its all a bit of mess at the moment but if you could see whats in my mind you would realise it has to look so bad to start with. Aloso when looking at the picture about pinning, you will see i had a change of plan and altered the house slightly. Structural strength problems!

Foam board is fantastic.... as long as you are building houses for a witch and you want it old and dirty. Or if you build houses in the style of rik pierce, then it would be equally as good.
But i can't say if it would be good for a normal style house or not because i have nothing to go on, due to only doing witchy things.
Anyway, i used 5mm foam board and doubled it up so it was 10mm and i could have thicker walls than the average dolls house. I cut everything out, and made two of everything so i could do the double layer.
Heres a pic of the double layer and the pinning i will tell you about after the picture

When everything was cut out i glued everything together that i wanted as a double layer. Then i did out a rough plan on the base board where the walls would go.
I then put cocktail still in the bottom of each wall up through the foam interior, leaving about 1cm sticking out. I did about 5 per wall. I then brought the foam board to the base and marked with a pen where each of the cocktails sticks were poking out and made some little holes in the base to slot these into. But before that i also ran glue along the base where the wall would meet.
Once that was done i pinned all the walls together with cocktail sticks and wire right through the foam core. Once dry the house was solid and strong, Although just for assurance i covered everything in Art Roc to make all the walls nice and strong.
As you can see i've also added a tree and a chimney, cut out spaces for the window and made an arch. I've also made a litle pond where i think i might just house some water snakes.
So Heres the base of the house all art rocked up and solid as a rock. I now need to go and bath, get dressed and maybe look after my family. I was determined to get to this point today, so that tomorrow when its dry i can have a think about how to make the roof slates and windows etc.
Oh yes, the tree will have a face as usual.


  1. Amazing Nikki, boy I wish we could get on with such speed as you do!! it looks great already. What is art rock?. Are you keeping your first one , your little witch looks at home in it!!

  2. Very good Nikki and you are so fast. I love the tree clinging to the wall.

  3. Looking good Nikki! I can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Thanks, Rosanna, Kate and John. I think i'll sell it. But only if it turns out well.
    Art roc is mod roc. The bandage with the plaster so when you wet it you can them make models or even fix your leg... lol. You can get it in hobbycraft for 99p a roll.
    I think you asked something in an earlier post so will go and answer that now.

  5. Nikki its brilliant. I just know its going to look fantastic when its finished. Glad you found a use for your Mod-Roc..

    Kate & John Mod-Roc or Art Roc is plaster bandage.

  6. Brilliant! Can't wait to see the water snakes in the pond.

    I would like to encourage you to keep this one. There may come a time when you wished you had. You can always make another to sell. But obviously, it's up to you. :-)

  7. I hope you don't mind- I added you to my blogs to follow. I am learning so much from all of the miniature artist's blogs I have found. I now have a strong desire to find Art-bloc and foam board. I must resist until the projects I have started are done. Very nice!!! I'm so glad I visited your blog today!

  8. This looks great and easy to do, you are going fast! I have to try this some day.
    * marlies

  9. Hi Marlies. Yes, it is fast which i like. I think this foam board is great for houses like witches, and not too big. I think any bigger they foam may distort when drying and you have to do the double layer so that its strong.
    Hi Kim. Yes its fine. I agree other blogs are great for learning something new.
    Minikat. I'm happy with it so far and waiitng for it to fully dry out before i move on. I'm going to have to think up how to make suitable snakes, toherwise i'll d something else.
    Debbie. Glad you like it so far. You should have a go at your hat shop.
    Casey. Yes, i can't wait to finish but waiting for it to fully dry.


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