Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Added a widget.

Today i have added a box net widget, but it has come up too big. Perhaps i've put it in the wrong place. I used the html widget to add this, but perhaps that was wrong.
Help please!!! If anyone knows how to add this correctly please let me know.
I popped a few files on their just as a tester and quite like this idea of sharing.
When i have time and correct the problem i'll add some better images.
The one with the ear i like because it shows you all the stages of creating ears should you like to sculpt.

UPDATE: Its now gone to the bottom of the page, thanks to debbies help. Although i would still like this near the top. So suggestions still welcome.

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  1. Nikki, I had the same problem with my slide show.
    Try dragging this down to the bottom of your blog and see if that works. If not think you may have to remove and download again, but alter the sizing if there is an option to do that with this gadget..


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