Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Adding the details - Witch House

Today i'm adding the details as seen in todays picture so not really that much to show. I'm using paperclay mainly that will be painted once all the other details have been added.
The building is dryish so can't do any painting until i'm sure it's fully dry. The mod roc is fully set but the foam board under this i feel may be damp due to all the water used on the mod roc.
If i get time i'll start making the roof tiles today, but as yet not sure what i'm going to make them with.
Now, i was going to put water snakes in the pond, but don't think i want them now. Can anyone think of a suitable creature that can live in the murky waters?
The house also needs a name, but being me as usual can not come up with one. Any ideas welcome again.
Off to roll out some clay and work on the window and arch.


  1. It is looking great Nikki. I've never had any luck with foamcore at all.

    Is ModRoc a plaster soaked gauze ?

    I am useless with names ...sorry.

    Nor would I know what would live in murky waters.

    Since you posted Muddy End I have a great itch to make something swampy...I just want to make the muddy water and moldy stuff :-)

  2. Oh yes, i know, so did i.
    I'm trying hard though not to make it like muddy end and don't want to copy. Its quite hard though because i loved the house the lady made and fell in love with it.
    I think it now will be a house with the potion room to the side but still unsure. I'll wait to decide on that when i'm a little further along.
    Mod roc or art roc is is the plaster soaked gauze that you dip in water and apply. Its great for covering the foam board. Mind you it does dry with a little bit of gauze pattern, but i'm applying bits of paper clay here and there like a rough surface to hide this.
    Back to my work... Nikki x

  3. Things that live in muddy or swampy waters...
    -baby alligators, snakes, frogs, turtles

    -HP creatures could be: Dugbogs, Plimpies, Grindylows

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope it helps. :-)

  4. What about some Newts and a Horned Toad. Water Snails? Or something that gives the impression that there's something bigger living in there. Like a big tail coming out of the water!
    Catfish with a Cats Head..LOL..

  5. It would help if I read the posts in order. It's a pond! Oops! How about a couple of alligators or maybe an octopus.... Just tenticals coming over the edge of the pool.


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