Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Yesterday Debbie from Tiny Treasures took several wonderul picture for me. These are the items she owns so just a small section of items.
They look brilliant and have put my favourite on the side bar under my profile so its in permanent position.
Thank you once again Debbie, it was ever so kind of you!

The day for my hair to be somehow sorted has finally arrived, so off to detangle before my hairdresser arrives. I'm easily bored blow drying and styling and before she arrives got to make myself look half human. In she will walk like a supermodel and all perfect. I really don't know how people look like that and be ready so early in the morning. When my boys were small i'd see mums at the school in full make-up and clothes that matched, while i would have a nightie under my coat or have to wear a hoodie because my hair looked like a nest. Plus how do they keep their nails so nice. My nails look like they have been dipped in acid on a daily basis. I wish i knew the secrets to looking good.


  1. So pleased you like the pictures Nikki..

  2. Nikki, the secret to looking good is to not be concerned about anything but looking good! You can't do minis,housework or have kids. Especially if you want your nails to grow long. LOL

  3. Ok. Phew, feel better now. So looking good means you don't really do what you want with your day? If thats the case i don't want to look

  4. ...that's because your nails Have been dipped in something unusal on a daily basis....And every piece of clothing I have, has glue, or paint or some other substance permentanly stuck to it. LOL...Like minis are our hobby, looking good is their hobby. Hey...that's why they invented hair ties....My hair stays in a bun, we won't discuss the last time I brushed it, Hahaha! I don't have time for that kinda crud....I have minis to make, LOL!!!

    Oh...And btw...the pictures look great, but that's cause you make some amazing stuff!!

  5. I forgot the address of my hairdresser. I hate going to hairdressers at all this is why I make my own hair dye and I keep my hair long and my nails are short and unkept. If you have make up as a hobby and fashion as a state of mind you can be always perfect. I much prefer minis and cooking to spend too much time and money in fashion. This sometimes gives me problems at work: after all I live in Italy.
    Most important yhing: your minis are so GOOOOD

  6. Fingernails? Aren't they supposed to be short and unpainted with lots of dryness from the polymer clay exposure?

    Hair? The last girl who trimmed my hair said, "oh. So you rock the ponytail everyday?" My hair is down to the small of my back. I grinned at her. I figure if it's clean and pulled back or braided I can't waste too much time with it.

    The way I see things is the women who spend all their time looking good can give me their money for miniatures that I have made. ;-)

  7. Well, i do agree with all of you, but still had my hair coloured and cut in a short layered bob. It looks nice now and will be ever so easy to look after.
    As for fingers nails they are still dry and cracked from clay... lol. I do prefer them this way. I couldn't be doing with nail pilish.
    Doesnt look good when your a nail biter though does it.
    Gosh, didt think anyone would even comment on hair and nails. I like the fact we are all in agreement on beauty.
    My beauty routine is, drink as many cups of coffee as possible, stay up into the small hours of the morning, and wake up too early after going to bed just minutes before.
    Don't get me started on teeth. I need new


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