Monday, 16 March 2009

What is your opinion?

I'm making a looking glass based aroound a tree stump, but i'm not sure if it looks too big. I know trees come in all shapes and sizes and so do glass balls, yet still unsure.
On the Wizard of Oz the witch looks in one of these. It was big and upto her hips and the width would have been wider than a person. So maybe it will be ok.
However, although i know all of this i'm worried it will be too big for a 1:12 room.
Views are welcome


  1. Hi Nikki, I think the orb is a good size but maybe making the tree base thinner - with a flare at the bottom for roots and a flare at the top (where branches would start) to hold the glass ball - would make the proportions seem better?

    - Grace

  2. Personally I think the size is just right... adding some thinner extended roots would add a good balance and a few nice green leaves near the ball...would be just the ticket....

    Looks Great


  3. I agree...the tree base could be a little thinner. BUT, I love this plump little guy, too.....maybe adding some roots like Jodi said would help.....You've always got the best ideas!

  4. I think the base could a little thinner, but I am not an expert in these things. I like the witch too, she is a frienly one?
    * marlies

  5. I would try making a second one with a thinner base and then decide which you like better. I do like this one though. He face is delightful!

  6. I agree, the face is absolutly great. Only perhaps the size relation between the ball and the tree base. I like it in this wat but perhaps a little thinner

  7. Hi Nikki, I think the size is fine, now here´s just my opinion: could be thinner in the middle, maybe if you could swirl the tree, I mean...oh tangled, more delicate, more detailed without anything coming up at the sides, no face, like the ball is laying on a fragile hand of tree tangles, but without looking like a hand...sometimes I´m doing so bad with my english, sorry for that,I hope you don´t mind, just an idea...

  8. Nikki , it looks great as it is, and again would look good with a thinner stump but widening top and bottom, so looks like your all set to try afew different styles. Im sure they would all sell anyway as its a great idea for any spooky house! Silke's idea sounds magical too :-)

  9. Nikki another thought, could you light this somehow. I have a fantastic table with lit up orb in the centre, ill post a pic on the blog. Maybe if you could hollow out a hole into the centre somehow you could add a light? it would look fab lit up dont you think? I saw on Jayne's site a lit up wizard staff, not sure how she got the effect but maybe something similar so it glows spookily in the dark?

  10. Gosh, loads of advice this morning. Thank you all for your advice.
    Jodi. yes its going to have some leaves at the top that cover more of the ball,
    Silke, your english is perfect and i love your idea. I will do one like that next time.
    John and Kate, the stump is hollowerd so i can put a light in.
    Treefeathers, Eva, Minikat Marlies and Katies Clay Corner. I think you are right that the base needs to be thiner and will do this with my next one and do it swirling round like silke has suggested.

  11. Cant wait to see them, and how about some type of Pensieve with a coloured crystal ball....look great in a Harry Potter house hint hint, !!!!LOL xx

  12. Nikki

    I like it just the way it is but I also think it would look good with the trunk being a little thinner in the middle.

    That's often he problem with scale...even though it might be technically the perfect scale sometimes thinks don't look right to you.

    I made a very similar one a long time ago that did light up. I don't know what I did with it to take a photo....probably trashed it or gave it away lol.

    Lighting it would work very well.

    I didn't know there was one in the Wizard of oz...but I only saw that for the first time recently.

  13. Thanks John, Kate and Jayne.
    I too would like to light this but not sure how and what wire/bulbs i would need.
    All advice welcome.
    Yes, jayne if my memory serves me right i do remember the witch looking into something similar. It was a stone one that she stepped upto. Again i'm not sure on the steping up bit because i watched this years ago when i was 6, so that 30 years ago.
    Nikki x


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