Tuesday, 17 March 2009

For Casey.

For Casey and others that love steampunk.

There's a great tutorial on the website showing you how to make a steampunk fish. Plus a free tutorial for making a heart.
Seems steampunk is the new/old thing. Plus they also stock some nice glass eyes in various colours.


  1. Nikki! I have had that bookmarked for a while now. I love some of the stuff that she does. I plan on using the leftover watch parts for jewelry. Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. Oh this is great ! I read the last weeks so often that collegues do "steampunk" and wondered where it comes from .I can´t translate it nor the translator can. But the "things" look pretty cool !!! Of course it´s for Casy, I like to thank you too !!!

  3. Oopps, thought you would know already Casey being the Queen of Steampunk.

    Silke, i did not know anything about steampunk until i read Casey's blog. It's something i would like to have a go at in the future.
    I think steampunk just means using clock parts to make something new, but not sure.
    Casey, can steampunk also involve nuts and bolts?

    I think your english is wonderful Silke and only wish i could speak another language. Perhaps when you visit webistes copy and paste the text into google translator.


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