Sunday, 15 March 2009

My Other Blog

Don't forget to visit my other blog and have a nose at the great images i will continue to collect and show.
The images are not my own and are what i collect from other miniaturists and model makers in all scales. Some of the items are full human size.
I should hopefully put more pictures on this week so eventually the blog will be a great source of inspiration.
Most of the pictures are haunted, witch and wizard related, spooky and whimsical.
The image of the dragon preserved in a jar is something I'd love to own. Can you imagine trying to make that in miniature? I dare anyone to have a go.


  1. Is that a challenge Nikki? It would look fantastic in Miniature wouldn't it..I'll have to study this Jar in great detail and see if I can...

  2. Lol at you Debbie. I'm not even going to try! Looks like a never ending challenge if you ask me.
    I've just sat making a vine that i thought would never end, but its easy compared to a preserved dragon.
    I can't remember where i got this image from. I think it was from Kat and i think she had the idea i could make something so wonderful. I'd for sure end up in some mad house if i tried. I'll perhaps stick a pokemon in and pretend i made it... only kidding!
    So not going there!

  3. I have the book that this photo graces, the artist has a my space he is a very nice fellow, isn't this little dragon amazing?

  4. Hi Misty. Can you let me know the myspace address. I love the dragon and would love to see more of his work, plus i can put a link for it on this and my other blog. I know dragons are not real, but doesnt it look real? Its ever so clever.
    Love all your dragons too by the way on your blog.


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