Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tidy, tidy, tidy!

Yesterday had a busy day washing, washing and washing. Then i went shopping and back home to make dinner. Then like a mad woman i cleaned the house from top to bottom with lots of screaming and shouting like a lunatic. I need to scream and shout because i have mad Italian blood in me with a mix of the Irish! My mum is Irish so i have developed these skills from her.
At about 10pm when normal people are relaxing i pulled my entire craft room apart and started to clean and dust just about every single last tiny thing. Chucked out 5 black bags of junk. The drawers that were meant to have all my materials in and that have slowly been emptied over the last year needed to be filled again in an organised way. I cried lots at this pint wishing i hadn't started what i thought would never end.
These drawres now sit all nice under my desk and its going to be so easy find whatever it is i'k looking for.
My ledge is all nice and clean and clear of the balancing act i'd created as an art form. This was all needed because the dust kept falling onto my desk and then into my clay. The room looks quite boring now and looks like nobody is working but was needed for my sanity.
I couldn't work in the mess, all i kept doing was cleaning and going through thousands of baby wipes and not getting anywhere. Which is probably why i have not made much for the last two weeks with all the baby wiping going on.
Now its like a new slate, everything is labelled so i can find it straight away and all that's on my ledge behind my desk is paintbrushes, scissors and the like.
In a few weeks going to buy a new desk for my computer and paper work and some shelves for above to hold books. Plus i think i need some more drawres because still have another 2 boxes to sort through, clean and lebel.
I also need to get something to sit in the middle of the room for the witches dolls house so i can finally start something for myself.
Hope i havn't bored you to tears.
Must dash. My husband and middle son have gone fishing somewhere in the english channel. The other two are acting like model children for some reason and so off to create something new before they arrive back with whatever smelly fish they catch.
The two of them went off at around 5am. Didn't hear them but god did they leave the kitchen trashed. So shall moan at them later... lol. Really not looking forward to their filthy stinky clothes later and black nails from squid ink...
The picture with the shelf and house etc needs to be worked on. This is all going in more drawers and my new desk when i finally go out and buy it.


  1. Oh, my gosh! Can you come work on my basement? About three years worth of just piling boxes and bags down there willy-nilly have taken its toll and nothing is organized. Yuck, yuck, yuck! This looks great. I need you to come work your magic on mine!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  2. Good Sunday Morning Nikki... Sounds like your Saturday was a job filled productive one. Those days are surely needed once in a while to 'clear the cobwebs' as my gram use to say. Fresh slates are always welcome in this house...but sadly few and far between. Your areas look so nice and tidy...good job! Would love to see more of your studio.

    Have a great Sunday...hope the boys CLEAN their OWN


  3. Hi Jody. Lol at your mess. You just have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle such mess.
    I'm not finished yet and have loads more to do and instead of everywhere being a dumping ground for junk i'd like to display beuatiful artwork and miniatures around me rather than all the mess i was in beofre.
    Go to twon on your basement. Will make you feel better.
    Wish i had a basement. I'd set up bed in there and make it my craft room and would never be seen again. I need a house now with a basement.

  4. Hi to the other Jodi of Creager Studios.
    I will show you more when i have it sorted.
    I need a new desk and shelves before i do.
    It just looked to bare to take a pc of and as if nobody worked in the space. I'll have to fill it again... lol.
    I'm making hanging pots so best get back to them.
    And yes as like all my recent mini's they have faces. Well, the tiny tiny little itsy bit of work i have done recently.
    Got to sort this lack of work out... lol

  5. Well done Nikki, it all looks so organised. Everything labelled! What time did you go to bed? I'd love my own room/studio again. Really need to have a grand sort out here!
    Best I go and tidy up my work table, its a total mess..LOL

  6. I tidied mine the other week when we where snowed in. Amazing the things I forgotten I had bought ha ha! Also realised after spending all day sorting out my craft things that I buy far too much!So I am now going to cut down on my spending and put my spare cash aside for doing my real house up this summer!So I am only buying items for my hat making and anything else now has to be made from old stock and bits and bobs!
    I like your little box draws :-) I got a larger version from Morrisons which now holds all my craft stuff which is great and takes up less room.
    Well must go got the man coming to fix my oven tomorrow so need to make sure it's clean and also he can find his way to the kitchen at the moment it looks like a bomb has gone off in it ha ha ha ha! xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. There seems to be a mad bomber running lose right now, Kat. He hit my workroom this week also. Nikki am I third or forth in line for you to come clean it out? LOL Yours looks really nice. Good going!

  8. Hi Kat. I'm trying to do the same and not buy anything for a while. I have so much and if you don't keep buying i reckon you become more inventive. Mind you just bought some prosculpt so i can have a go at making goblins and elves and anything else like that. Oh can't wit for it to arrive. Will be like christmas morning as a child.
    Hi Debbie. Stayed up until 3 am and then felt so sick had a nice bath and bed. I'm too much of a night owl and love it when everyone else is sleeping. I then got up at 9am because i was itching to carry on my scrubbing.
    Hi Casey. The mad bomber did hit but now he's banished. I've locked the doors and put a protective layer around my house so he can't return. I can hear next door sweeping so perhaps he hit there.
    Perhaps everyone should have a mad clear out today. It really does make life seem better.
    Nikki x

  9. Waw, what kind of medicine did you take to create such an energy!
    I am a little bit jealous.

  10. Hi Pussman. No medicine, just a desperate need to clean. Think it's a female thing!
    I get like this ever now and again! I left you a message on my previous post because you asked if the mushrooms were tiny. Sorry i took my time answering.
    Nikki x

  11. Hi Nikki, you have4 infecred me and today I had no minis but lots of cleaning and titding up. I didn't shout because I have only one son and he keeps far from me when I have these rushes and hubby went out golfing. Are you really partly Italian? from where? any way you don't need to be italian to be mad, it only helps a lot!! Mini hugs. By the way, your works are so interesting and original, I love them.

  12. Hi Rosanna. My mum is Irish but her grandmother was Italian. So this was such a long time ago that i have no italian links. I just use it as my excuse for being irate. My dads grandmother or his great granmother was also italian but that was also such a long time ago.
    I'm as british as british can be really. But when i'm in one of my moods my hands go up and i shout lots, so i say its mad Italian blood.
    I watched two Italian ice cream men having an argument about who could sell ice cream from their vans in one street. It was ever so funny even though i didnt understand a single word. Their arms were going up and down with lots of pacing back and forward and lots of shouting. I couldnt stop laughing because they had lots of customers at their vans while this was going on. Then they shook hands so must have agreed to work with each other rather than against.

  13. Yes, we gesticulate a lot, this helps to make ourselves understood especially when we go abroad. We all practise the art of mimo!! simply can't do without it. I try not to when I come in UK but sometimes it's very hard, more if I have to ask for spelling. Anyway it is more a southern habit, up in the north we are much calmer. Mini hugs


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