Monday, 2 March 2009

Petrified Bush/Tree.

Here's the tree/bush i made last night. Well, i say tree/bush but it will have to be a bush or a small tree becuase of it's size. This is the first of its kind and i know when i carry on with the painting it will start to look like what i can see in my mind.
Going to put some little dead leaves here and there because being petrified the bush will be half dead. Just a glimmer of life will be showing.
Think i'll place him in a pot so it can sit next to a witches back door.
I've now run out of wire so will have to buy more to make others. Well thats if he turns out as expected. But you know me at the moment with all my starting things and then getting bored and mving onto the next. I'm sure that shortly i'll get all my unfinished bits and bobs complete.
I have either a very bad cold or the start of something else mixed in with a throat infecion. My throat feels like sandpaper and just hoping i don't get tonsilitus which i normally do when i have these symptoms. I think i'm going to end up like my little tree if this is the case.


  1. Hope your soon be feeling better Nikki.
    The little tree/bush is brilliant, can't wait to see it finished..

  2. Great! I have no words. Your work is amazing!!

  3. I have given you an award, you can collect it at my blog:)

  4. Hope you feel better soon.

    He looks great...I love making dead plants :-)

  5. I love your work Nicky, It was lovely to meet you at Miniatura on the weekend (DAME Stand)

    Debie (Piskies and Poppets) x


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