Friday, 27 February 2009

Mushroom book.

Casey over at Casey's Mini's found a lovely book while out hunting bargains today. Its a 1963 mushroom identification book and she has shown some of the beautiful hand painted illustrations on her blog.
I've wanted one of these myself for a long time so had a search on greedybay and did find an exact copy but it was quite pricey to have shipped from the states to the uk.
So i've managed to find an alternative here in the uk. Would have liked one like Casey's but im sure this one will be wonderful to sit infont of me as i work.
My book is the top picture and Caseys is the bottom.
If you're into mushrooms like me then have a look on ebay for other alternatives. It brought up some wonderful finds.


  1. Your picture on the front of the book is the same as Casey's illustration.. Wonderful

  2. Nikki! It's the same book! It is just a newer edition. You are going to love it. The illustrations are outstanding! Now I have to go inspect it some more!

  3. Great Book...Richard has had it in his stash for years...we refer to it often. Thanks for the heads up on Casey's Blog...I went over and introduced myself...we are both in Arizona...

    Happy Weelend


  4. That should have been WEEKEND... of course, Weelend I guess could be interesting fun as well...

    Jodi (who types faster than she looks)

  5. I do that too and wouldn't have noticed because i dont have my glasses on lol.
    Glad you found Caseys blog. She does make me laugh with her antics and small tales.
    Plus she is ever so inventive and full of ideas.
    Oh yes, weekend. I do love saturday mornings and not waking early.
    Have a nice one yourself!

  6. My dad is into mushrooms but we ate them. And they are considerably well considered. I'm sure you'll love their fantastic shapes.

  7. Hi Rosanna. Yes i'd like to go out searching for edible mushrooms. I'd probably pick the worng ones though and be poisoned.
    Nikki x


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