Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Oops... changed my mind.

Had a change of mind, sorry you didnt see the other but heres the new.
Check out the free backgrounds here


  1. I love this little girl with her butterfly wings and flower basket. :-)

  2. Isn't it more fairy than witchy? I suppose I prefered the old one.
    But I love Muddy End. That house is so good, I'm in love to the trees. They are perfect.

  3. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she is sweet! Very Easter with her little basket. It's nice to have a change of scenery. Glad you like my gothy one fancied a bit of black and red.

  4. Again...IMHO...I like your other one the best...I (like Rosanna) think this is more Cutsie Fairy than Witchy Wonderful....

    Happy Tuesday


  5. Have to say us too, liked the colours of the other one and the witchy feel, though if you decide to switch to making fairy minis too this is perfect xx but if you love it, its your blog!

  6. Hi Nikki, I like this layout...but its not very witchy...but then again neither is mine :o))) Wish I had of caught your previous one!

    vicky x

  7. Ok, I have a question. I love the selection of free backgrounds at the link you provided. But us newbies and html illiterates are a bit confused as to where to insert the coding for these backgrounds. I know how to get to the coding, but I'm not sure where, amongst the coding, I insert the background coding and I don't want to mess up my blog. Can you help me with laymens terms? Thanks bunches!! Hugs!

  8. Hi All things Mini. I'm not that great myself, but i did discover you need to remove your old background first. You can remove that by going to customise, then you need to figure out which html code you need to remove that is your background this will be somewhere under where it says add a gadget. Then when thats removed you need to copy the link for the new background, go back to the customise page and click on add a gadget.
    Then click on html/java script and paste the code into the content section and then click save.
    If you go to my previous post today asking which do you prefer the lady that is giving away the free backgrounds explains it all under each example.
    Hope i go all this right and you are able to work it all out.

  9. Sweet! I figure it out! Are there other sites that also offer free blogger backgrounds?

  10. These and the one i mentioned earlier on one of todays posts seem to be the best. But if you type in free backgrounds for blogs as a search it should bring up others.

  11. Forgot to the lady/man from one of the links on my blog today also sells backgrounds on etsy. I think they averaged at $30.
    I'd like a witch one to match all my miniature and perhaps the lady/man can make them to order.
    You could always ask.


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