Monday, 30 March 2009

Spare 5 mins.

Had a couple of spare seconds today to finish these litle pots which i'll put on ebay this Wednesday.
Apologies to everyone for signing into ebay at 8pm yesterday to see my new items which didn't go on until 9pm. I was sleeping at the time so wasn't aware and think it was something to do with the clocks going forward yesterday.
Anyway the pots are the first of their kind and just part of my recent experiments.
They are made from polymer clay and acrylic paint with my own home dyed material.


  1. oooh Nikkki these have my name on!!!! Love them. We thought you were sitting there at 8 having a good giggle thinking of us all poised over our computers in eagerness for your goodies and torturing us deliberatly lol xx Kate xx

  2. Oh no Kate, i was snoring and unaware they were not arriving. I scheduled them from auctiva and forgot all about the clocks going forward an hour. But then this has totally thrown as to why they still didn't all start listing from 8pm.. lol.
    It's why i have never liked to schedule everything because of past problems and them not actually arriving at ebay.
    I tend to be sleeping on sunday evenings for some reason so promise i wasn't giggling.
    Sunday night makes me want to get the duvet out and snuggle up infront of the tv with a hot chocolate.

  3. Love the Pots Nikki very rustic.. Kate wasn't the only one sitting at the computer for over an hour in case I missed anything.. LOL..

  4. I like the little pots! Next, you need to make some with your famous faces on them!

  5. Yes Katie, i agree and will make some this week with the faces.

  6. I agree with Katie as well. They are lovely, but just not the same without faces. ;-)

  7. Splendid....faces would be cool as well :-)

  8. The little pots are wonderful. The U.S. had to go forward an hour a couple of weeks ago. Very disorienting the first few days I must say!


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