Sunday, 29 March 2009

Think it was Friday!

I think it was Friday my lovely husband Mick took me to Ikea. The word Ikea puts him into a state of panic and causes lots of arguments. Not because i make him build everything once home (i do the building with my son Patrck) but because he just can't walk around the place claiming he has more to do with his life.
Anyway, i went with a vision in my head of a new desk and a more organised work space. So off we went to the land of panic where he promptly chucked me out of the car and went elsewhere leaving me to my own devices.
Found the perfect desk and truly believed once home i could fit everything in the drawers. I also bought a lovely new office chair because when the kids were little they decided to take a craft knife to the old one and hack loads of slashes in the back and the bit where you plonk your bum. They have promised me now they are older this won't be repeated. Which made me think how did they get hold of the craft knife when they were little.. lol. Not great mothering skills in the knife department i'm afraid!
When leaving Ikea almost wet myself with laughter and was reminded of the Mr Bean programme when he decides to do some January furniture sale buying and comes home with a chair on top of his car and uses a broom or something to hold down the pedals. Two men were trying to get a massive sofa into their tiny car... lol. Being me couldnt help but say 'don't think that ones going to fit'. Got to say they didn't seem impressed with my honest comment... lol.
All the men were taking charge and looking at the angles, should they fit the big or small things in first and so on. The wifes unable to lift the massive heavy boxes for fear of breaking thier nails just pottering about looking like they wre doing something. Makes me wonder what the scene will be like at the other end once home.
Once home i started to build the desk and luckily my son patrick aged 13 arrived home to help. He loves to build anything and so gave him the chair and a section of the desk. My husband vanished off to work as he does most days... lol.
I was alomost done when i kneeled down (rememember i already have a bad right leg) to stick the top bit on to the side and went right down on the sticky out bolt and wood bit. So now i have a sore scabby left knee. Did mutter a few words in with the ooooows and the tears.
So now it's in position but still need more storage so sending my husband back to get the shelf i knew i should have bought but decided against. He is i'm sure so looking forward to the return trip... lol
So i set my my comp up on the new desk and the whole thing crashed and refuses to do anything... lol. Need to get my son Francis aged 17 to fix it, but he won't give me windows for some reason (beyond me) and gives me a system that i can't even use because ts for nerds. So think i'll have t call the comp man that does as you ask.
Just wondering will anything go right and why do i depend on children to do everything for me. Surely as an adult i should know more.
When the new shelf arrives and i build it i'll post some pictures of the room that is never quite finished.
Oh yes, as we were carrying everything in on Fridy my husbands suggestion was rather than struggle to carry everything in and then build should we instead go straight to the dump and get rid of everything. He has given me 6 months at the most before i change my mind and suggest a better alternative.


  1. Nikki, I am glad that I am not alone in the "Don't trust your husband with a screwdriver." department. I am always the one to build furniture that I bring home. I actually hide MY tools so that he can't use them! I hope your knees get better fast!

  2. LOL, I remember that Mr. Bean show, the one with the turkey on his head was one of my favorites. One of my son's extruded copper wire through my pasta machine for fimo when he was little, my machine is still impressed where the wire went through, I wasn't. Boys are interesting. Looking forward to your photos of you new Ikea finds.

  3. It reads like a Deja Vu ! My whole studio furniture is from Ikea except my working tables.LOL And guess who came with me and son, aged 20 now!<<"He has given me 6 months at the most before i change my mind and suggest a better alternative."<< My husband can translate this exatly into german !
    I send you dear hugs and a lot of energy for surviving !

  4. LOL Nikki your description of going to Ikea did make me laugh. And as for little boys getting hold of craft equipment, my Harry glued my Kitchen units shut with Super Glue! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing your finished room..

  5. LOL. My hubby hears Ikea, immediately gets a look of horror on his face and says please no! To be fair the only time he's ever been was 2 weeks before college started and 1 week after its local Grand opening. It was not a pretty sight :p

  6. First off...I would KILL to have a IKEA close enough to visit...ours sis over 4 hours away...UGH! minds are just so 'in tune' with how things work these days...'The Little details Crew' I call them... And sorry about the 'Owie' on your knee...been there done that many a time...
    So looking forward to seeing your New Organized Area...would love to see what one of those looks like...

    Happy Monday


  7. Hi Casey. Husbands should be kept away from tools. They tend to forget where they put things.
    Hi Jean Day. Your poor pasta machine. Mind you, popping in a bit of wire does sound like fun.
    I too like the programme with the turkey.
    Hi Silke. Seems everyone loves Ikea as long as they are female... lol.
    Hi Debbie. Hide the superglue. I hide mine then forget where its hidden.
    Hi A.Wright. The please no is what i get from my husband. But Ikea calls me into its clutches ever now and again and needs must... lol.
    Hi Jodi. Will post the pics when its all done and happy. I just can't work in mess. Typical virgo i'm afraid and everything has to have a place or i stomp like a child.

  8. LOL....Poor Nikki and your knees.

    Mick runs when he hears the word Ikeas as well.

    As Jodi said, there aren't many in the US...and their bargain basement isn't as good as the UK ones either.

    When we moved to Minnesota we planned on only staying a year then dumping all the stuff and moving to CA. Ikea's flat pack would have been perfect but it didn't open till 2 years later. We don't have Argos or Index here either :-(

    We have an Ike pretty close to us but I HATE going to LA.

  9. Hmm...yes Ike...a good American name...probably do have a few of those near us but I meant Ikea :-)


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