Monday, 30 March 2009

Check out the creation of Muddy End!

To View all the images on the sites with link i think you need to become a member of the group. Think this is why the links are not working. I'm a member which is probably why they only work for me (not sure)

Recently on one of my postings i showed a house called Muddy End and thought i would show again, alongside some great links to its creation.
The lady that made the house is called Cate and she sells on etsy. Here is her link to to her etsy listings She also makes some fab hats and other miniatures available to buy there. Can you believe the house is still available to buy. If i had enough cash i'd be straight there with my bank card
Anyway, i adore this house and look at it every day, so thought i would say hi to Cate through etsy and had a lovely reply email back.
Heres the link to a site Cate belongs to
Here is a link to the creation of muddy end If you go to the bottom of each page you can click on page 2 and then 3 through to the final completed house.
I had a few problems using this site so if you have a problem then look for username othercate should my links not work, and then find this wonderful creation that way instead.
Cate also has a blog called Solet Luna and you can once again see the house by using the older posts tab. She is just starting a new build and i know i'm for one looking so forward to seeing it grow.
From all the shows i've been to, all the great houses i've seen and all the wonderful artists out there nothing beats Muddy End. Simply in love with it.
So, today thanks to a fab link Debbie sent to me i've orderd all the materials i need to have a go at making something just as wonderful myself. Maybe then i can stop stalking this house and looking at every last litle detail.
Make sure you also check all the tiny little details here and there both on the interior and exterior. Just fab isn't it?


  1. Yes! Yes it is very fab! What a fun little house. The possibilities are endlessly spooky and intriguing.

  2. It fantastic Nikki, although the link to the all things mini isn't working for me.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with. I'm sure it will be equally enchanting..

  3. go girl...can't wait to see it.

    That is one cute house to drool over though...bit over my budget too.

    Have you seen this one...difference style and not spooky enough for you but great to drool over.

  4. That link didn't work for me was some forum to log into.

    However, looking at the bottom photo, and knowing how well you made the fireplace and make trees this'll be a doddle for you.

  5. Thanks Jayne (Tallulah). I know, its inspired me so much to make a spooky house from scratch.
    I have the other two but they are not if i'm honst what i want. And so this ladies fab work made me realise i could make something just as fab. Going to make this one the garden for your foxgloves and the inside will be a potion room, with maybe an upstairs too.
    Debie and Minikat. I know, isnt it just wonderful. Think you have to become a member of the group to fully use the pages.

  6. Ive tried to register last night and it says it has sent a confirmation email but I still havnt got one so cant view it yet :-( cant wait to see how it was made. If you decide not to make your witch's shop Nikki you could always sell it unfinished to some loony woman who loves to buy dollshouses and have endless projects on the go hint hint, wink wink !! xx Id love to wind John up some more by buying another he he .Looking forward to seeing your house, you are so great with paperclay , I can visulize it already. Who knows you may get so into it your next 'thing' will be making actual spooky houses or diaramas. There are not enough out there in this style, all too new looking when made of MDF!

  7. Hi Kate and John. Yes had the same problem and didnt get the email back myself. But then went back to the site and my sign in details worked.
    Just give it a try and see if it signs you in.

  8. Dear All,
    My name is Marie and I'm the owner of the All Things Mini website and proud to be a friend of Cate, the creator of Muddy End! Cate is one of the moderators at our forum and is indeed a true artist! Should anyone have any difficulties with registration to our forum, please email me at and I'll get you squared away. Memberships are validated during the USA business day, so if you are based in the UK, your patience with the time difference is appreciated. We hope to see you there!

  9. Thank you for the comment Marie. It's good to know because Cate's house is so beautiful and i wanted all my followers to be able to view its creation.
    Thanks for your advice and hopefully everyone will soon be able to fully register.

  10. Hi Nikki

    Yeah I knew that wasn't' your style :-) For some reason I thought there were building tips on there that might help you.


Thank you for your comment xxx