Thursday, 5 March 2009

New Blog!

Just to let you all know i've created a new blog today. I won't be saying much there and it will mostly be pictures of other artists work and wonderful creations i find along the way. Its mainly a blog for reference and for anyone who likes Harry potter, witches, goblins, elves and haunted miniatures. Plus anything whimsical i find along my travels.
The images will be models of no particular scale and should only be used for refernce or getting those creative juices going as to your next project.
Heres the link


  1. Your as addicted as me now Nikki..

  2. I know... Lol. I never thought blogging was for me and being quite a snooty person (lol) thought nobody would be ineterested in what i had to say or do. I've so far only met lovely people in the blogging world and now much prefer it to the real one. I get the answers i want here, i see everything i love aout life and explore something which pleases me every day.
    How on earth did this hapen to me! It's all your fault Debbie.


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