Thursday, 5 March 2009

Fab Award!

Thank you to Sasha and also to Pussman for giving me this fab award.
The rules of the award are to pass it onto 5 other people and list 5 of your addictions. But before you read on go and check out both of their blogs and say Hi. Sasha i think is quite new to blogging (so am i). Pussman has a fab witches house showing in one of the recent posts.
Anyway, my 5 addictions are: Well, i do like cakes (any cake). I also love chocolate (any chocolate), watching the sopranos (biggest fan), making my witch and wizard miniatures (could do that forever and even unpaid). Hmmmmmm the last one..... hmmmmmm, not sure. Oh yes, i do love cleaning floors, so i suppose thats an addiction and i do get withdrawal symptoms if i don't. Sad i know, but it does actually make me happy... i think.
Plus i should say others which there are many because i have an addictive nature.
Number 6 would be reading but sadly nearly always i fall asleep after just 2 pages. I'm addicted to reading the little prince and the lady in the van, both of which i've read over and over. The little prince makes me smile, laugh and cry. Plus the lady in the van by alan bennet which makes me do much the same as the little prince. I'm also addicted to reading talking heads monologues by alan bennet and could sit and read forever (if i could stop going to sleep). My favourite from this book is waiting for the telegram and if you havn't heard of this book then give it a go.
Well i've waffled for ever and will call back later and pick out 5 people to send this award to.

Back with the names which are.
Jayne from Tallulah Belle - she makes wonderful flowers and her blog is lovely to read, and search through.
Casey from caseys Minis's - Casey did i give you this already? Well, if so then you have it again, Ooops! Casey keeps me entertained on a daily basis and makes me laugh without fail.
Jodi From Creager Studios - I know you already have this award Jodi so you dont need to pass it on again. I just love your litle thoughts and most of all your work.
Also Debbie,from tiny treasures you already have this too but just love your blog, all your fab ideas and wonderful work.
Lastly Sassy Mini Dolls
for your brilliant blog, fab work and wonderful ideas and creations.Plus your witchy legs made me laugh... lol.

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