Friday, 6 March 2009

Crows Feet and the monster mess!

Just some little potion borads on the go today. These are one of my favourites having made them in the past. The idea came from my friend Kat the hat. She asked if i could make a beauty crows feet potion and afer several ideas this ended up as the result.
Pictures not great today (as usual) but hope you like them.
Also, the monster mess has started to grow again. My drawer idea is not working and nothing seems to be going back in the right drawers, and instead finds a new home on the windwow ledge again. This mess grows and grows and then i'm once again unable to find anything. Doesn't look too bad at the moment but give it another week.
Yes, i know, not an interesting view out the window.


  1. Love the prep-boards! I believe you're becoming dangerous for the number of ideas for mini rooms in my head. ;-)

  2. Nikki, the boards look fab love the little bowls.

  3. They are soooo nice, lucky witches who'll get the boards!!

  4. Just Wonderful Nikki.... love em


  5. Stop saying your pictures are a mess! There Not!! :) I love the new crow's feet boards! You guys make me want to build a witch's house!

  6. Hi Katie. My pics are awful... lol and only being honest. I'm just annoyed because my camera took wonderful pictures before my son decided it needed to go outside in the snow.
    I was so happy befor this happened and always knew my pics would show good details.
    You should build a witches house. The possibilities are endless and it would be ever such fun to build.


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