Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Neary done! Fireplace

Phew, at long last i'm nearly finished. Can you believe i've now been makign this fireplace for almost 3 months. Every time i sit this on my desk a new idea has come to mind and so back in its box its gone. Luckily for John and my hand burning disaster yeserday i can't work with clay and so he should have this in the post by the weekend.
It needs a little bit more coal added, then my secret formula to make the coals glow, a tidy up of the wood, a little bit more soot added and lastly the cauldron fixed in place on a chain.
You might have noticed its quite tall, this is because john wants the breast to go right to the top of his ceiling. So because of this i've made it slightly taller than needed so he can sand the top for a perfect fit.
If you're reading this john, then when you come to sand wrap a plastic bag with a whole in the top around the firplace leaving just the top showing and secure the bag in place with an elastic band. This will stop dust form your sanding sticking to the coals and filled cauldron.
Off now to have a tidy up and continue with the coals.


  1. Nikki, Johns going to love that fireplace. I'm badgering him to start a blog so that we can see what he and his wife are up to..

  2. Yes, keep badgering. I want to see to!
    I love seeing other houses, castles, gardens etc. Especially anything witchy. Everyone should post witchy pictures today... lol

  3. I'm looking forward a post on which the cauldron and the gleaming coal are shown. Will you show us? oh please please...

  4. Hi Rosanna. Yes, will show you when complete. Will try and get it finished soon for you to see. I can't finish the cauldron until my hand is better.

  5. Looks great...can't wait to see it finished.

    Hope your hand gets better soon.

    I don't have anything witchy to post...the closet thing I have is dead plants LOL.

  6. Hope your hand gets better soon....can't have a one handed crafter, now can we :)

    I'd love to see how you made that coal too! Love the fireplace......3 months in a long time..but sometimes it takes that long for the piece to speak to you!

  7. Very nice, I love the way the stone chimney looks!

  8. Katie. It's not really a secret formula. It's just little bits of tsrmac and glitter, plus underneath there is a space for a light to be fitted by the person i've made this for. So won't be able to show you with the light on.
    Its hards to believe but gltter looks wonderful on pretend coal.
    Debbie. I think john is going to start a blog so you can now stop badgering him.

  9. Poor thing, that must have hurt so badly !!!You need to put some ointment on the wound, Fenistil gel helps a lot, I don´t know if you have that. I use it for my burns from the heat gun....get well ! All your new stuff is great :o)

  10. Thanks Silke. My hand is fine now and no pain whatsoever. The blisters are all flat and dry already and you can just about see them.
    I picked up a roasting tin straught out of the oven, but got my hand into cold water within seconds, so maybe that why it has healed so quickly. They were all lots of little burns rather than one big so maybe this has helped too.
    Love your recent work and glad you are sellign some on etsy. I had a look the other day and loved what was available. I loved the dwarf best of all.


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