Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Foxglove pictures for Jayne

Foxglove pictures for Jayne of Tallulah Belle. I love these colours and thought the second pictue would be great for looking at shapes.
The first picture is from Debbies garden that follows this blog.


  1. They grow wild here Nikki. I'm sure I've got some pictures. I'll email them to you..

  2. Thanks Nikki...I'll see what I can do :-)

  3. Nikki that new photo at the top is is the real tiny buds at the top I am currently trying to figure out.

  4. Nikki & Jayne. They start from a rosette and then a huge spike appears with tight tiny buds. They seem to open from the bottom up..
    I have some Rosettes outside already, if its nice tomorrow will take some pictures for you, so you can see what the leaves look like..

  5. Oh Gosh, they would be difficult. I'm hopeless with flowers and wouldn't have a clue. Last time i made some they took ages and i wasn't one bit happy with them. Already i have terrible eyesight and those flowers went right out of my vision.
    The picture is from Debbies garden. This is my favourite flowers and isn't she lucky to be able to look at them as she walks around.
    When i was into gardening i did plant some but they didnt return the next year or the one after that. Mind you i did find the kids whipping each other with the dead shoots late summer. Then i remembered they were poisonous, panicked and hosed them all down. Trouble was my neighbour wasn't pleased when i also did this to her children and sent them home soaked.
    I just panicked... lol

  6. Tight tiny buds...LOL you don't say.....I WILL figure it out :-)

    Debbie you are very lucky to have those in your garden. Photos of not fully grown ones would be splendid...thanks.

    They are very poisonous...lucky kids...guess the hosing down worked :-)

    My eyes are no better...I have ruined them doing flowers I reckon....wearing hubby's reading glasses as I speak !

  7. I wear two pairs of glasses to work. Both prescribed for me. One pair for general use like just walking around and the other pair for close up and reading. Trouble is my eyes need both at the same time.
    Yes, need a trip to the opticians. He will tell me of when he finds out i've been wearing both.
    Dont laugh everyone. really, i do wear to pairs at the same time.

  8. I love foxglove. These are a beautiful color! If you figure out how to capture them in miniature, I'd love to see how you do it.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  9. Trust me Jody...If I figure these out you'll hear me screeching from the other side of the country :-)

    Debbie I have your photo up on my computer right is lovely just to have looked at it all afternoon let alone be able to see it in real in my are very lucky.

  10. Can't wait to see how you do these! They are one of my fav flowers!

    PS. Stop by my blog - there's (yet another!) award waiting for you!!!

  11. Thank you Sasha. Off to say a big thank you.

  12. Two pairs of foxgloves can look like anything really then....just kiddin' :-)

    I have decided to share photos of the foxgloves these as I go along on my blog.


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