Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fab Cutters.

I found this website today and once there if you click on the cutters gallery you will be spoled for choice with tiny little flower and leaf cutters. When i'm a little richer going to buy some.
I can't work today because i burnt my hand yesterday while cooking. The pain has gone after sitting with my hand in cold water for several hours but now left with blisters so not that great for working with clay. I might do some painting though and put some coal in one of the fireplaces i'm making.
Also check out this fab ladies blog. . Theres a fab tutorial for making some shelves and she also makes flowers to die for. Make sure you also check out the website to have a nose at the wonderful creations. One of this ladies creations is shown above.
Also showing today some little copper hanging measuring cups i adapted recently. These will hang from a little shelf with flour, sugar and other baking ingredients in pots and packets. I also want to add some plates, but for the life of me can't make a decent plate. If anyone knows of a good plate making tutorial then i'd be happy to know.
Please note: I show my work on this blog and nearly all of them are for sale. Please don't copy my ideas. It isn't nice to copy and all my work past and present has copyright protection. Plus all my work is dated and i do have proof of this so please be aware.
I enjoy blogging and what else could i blog about other than miniatures. This is my place to share my work only for viewing and for sharing with friends.
I don't mind anyone making and selling work they create from any of my tutorials though. After all it is good to share.


  1. Hi Nikki hope the hand is feeling better today.
    Great site for the cutters. I've added it to the mini link page.
    Love the little copper measuring Jugs, so funny!
    Nikki there is a tutorial on CDHM for making plates. I'll see if I can find the link..

  2. Thanks Debbie. Nice tutorial and going to take some impressions of metal plates and then turn them into.... you shall see!
    Can you guess? It follows my recent theme.
    Nikki x

  3. geraniums and ivy....thanks so much for you kind words...I am blushing now :-)

    Funnily enough I came across those cutters on that website yesterday...I was looking up foxglove leaves ;-)

    I can't use anything like that with paper and i am not crazy on making clay flowers so simple scissors for me.

    I've made plates from clay...pushing them into metal plates for the basic shape and then smooshing them around a bit.

    Sorry about your hand...that must be some burn if it blistered :-(

  4. Tallooley makes beautiful flowers, doesn't she?! I have some of her gorgeous geraniums, I love them!

  5. Hi Treefeathers. Yes, i know, they are so beautiful. Hoping to own some too myself. I know they will be just wonderful and will have to get that house of mine on the go to put them in the garden.


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