Saturday, 14 March 2009

Plates in the making!

Just thought i would show you some plates i have on the go. Not going to carry on with them until next week and should by then have around 30. Debbie kindly sent me a lovely parcel full of mixed plates which was greatly appreciated, so this is what I've done to them so far.
I don't know if this applies to everyone, but now when i post i don't have to do a manual spell check (i never did this i know), but now its all right in your face and nicely underlined here on blogspot. So no more bad typing from me... Lol. Well thats only if i choose to click on whats underlined.
What did make me laugh was when i typed in blogspot. It brings that up as not right and boldly underlines in the red stuff.... lol


  1. Nikki, they look great.. Did you use the white ones? Hope your feeling better today.
    Hugs x

  2. Hi Debbie. Yes, used the white ones which won't be bendy now they have clay on.
    Feeling much better today after my ever so long sleep.

  3. Nikki, fab plates, boy you have some patience making faces on such tiny plates! Thanks for your tips!
    We have awarded you a FAB BLOG award. i know you have had it before and Im not sure of the rules as to whether you can have it again but hey you have such a Fab blog, we just had to! Maybe you just dont have to pass it on again and list your addicitons as youve already done it! John and Kate
    Its on our page, not sure if weve done it correctly but had to pass it on, incase its abit like the chain letters, if you dont something bad will happen :-) Still its a nice idea to show people their hard work on their blogs is appreciated.

  4. I love these plates, they are so cute!
    * marlies

  5. teetotallyrific. Awesome. I love them.

  6. Wonderful plate characters Nikki em all.

    So happy you are filling the day with smiles...

    Happy Weekend,

  7. Great plates! I love the spooky faces.

  8. They look lovely Nikki! Can't wait to see them finished!

    Vicky x

  9. Love these plates! I cannot wait to see them finish how cool!

  10. Oh've done it again! How fantastic!! You really have a hang of these little faces, huh!!! Just amazing!!



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