Monday, 23 March 2009

My little purchases.

My Knee is still getting stuck and hobbling around again today, but its boring doing nothing so here's some of my little purchases from miniatura. I don't tend to buy anything major but did commission a witch. I can't remember the name of the stall though for this witch and can't figure it out from all the business cards i brought home, so will have to wait for the lady to contact me... lol. I think Debbie will remember. I'm terrible like this.
Anyway i loved the sunflower which is going in my witches garden. All the litle bits and bobs will be used for my work and my own house.
While there i was talking to somebody (can't mention the name yet), and asked about making something that all the witchy and hauned fans are going to love. If this idea turns out the item will be available to purchase shortly from a very well know fimo miniaturist. Its ever so exciting and will keep you posted on that.
Off not to snuggle up under the duvet and eat some more mothers day chocolate. I hate going to the doctors and shall see if my knee settles before i even think of making an appointment.


  1. I'm in love with your little sunflower!! And I love how you can back with a bit of everything!!! A bee hive, a crow, chickens!! SO neat!! I hope you knee stops hurting soon! mini hugs!!


  2. Wow Nikki didn't realise you'd brought that much. Love the Sunflower. I think you commissioned the Doll from Bags Of Character.

  3. Hi Nikki, the things you bought are really cool! I love the Angie's leaf veiner!
    take care of your knee!
    hUgS >_<

  4. Keep quiet and rest first thing! and many goodies. I love the crow and the books, they are so good

  5. Fantastic books! The sunflower is lovely too. You have such a nice variety of treasures. Where is the beehive going to live?

    Hope your knee mends itself. I completely understand about not enjoying the doctor.

  6. Wow, you got some gorgeous goodies. Love that sunflower it will look brilliant . And the books too. Did you buy mostly for your own house or to use on projects to sell? Cant wait to see your witch house progressing, and the shop too!!KATE AND JOHN XX

  7. Wow bought a lot of goodies.

    I LOVE that it clay ? I don't normally like clay flowers but that is great. I am extremely impressed with the way she has attached the leaves to the main stem so tidily.

  8. I forgot to say...I posted a pic of the prototype foxglove :-)

  9. Hi Jayne (Tallulah). The leaves are made with cold porcelain. I think i' give them a wash though to add a little more interest.
    I'll pop over and see the foxgloves now.
    Kate and John. I bought for myself and some work.
    Rosanna and MiniKat. Glad you both like the books. They are one of my favourites.
    Eva. Yes the veiner looks great, will try and use it soon.
    Katie. I know, i really did come back with quite a mixtures.
    Debbie. Thanks for letting me know who. My memory is the pits.

  10. A lot of treasures !! I love especially the books they look great !!!

  11. I hope your knee gets better soon. Love all your bits and bobs you have bought. Wish I could have gone! Still thanks to you and Debbie sharing your weekend I feel I have lol xx

  12. Uuuuh, I am a little bit jealous, I think I missed something there on Miniatura!
    It annoys me not to be able to make something, I have really no time at all, The house is still not fully prepared for our move in and I still have to start packing and in 4 weeks we move! Grrrr,
    I wish I was 2 months older.
    Love all the new posting, I'm getting anxious to do something myself!


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