Sunday, 22 March 2009

I'm Back Too!

I'm back too, but sadly no pictures to show you yet. None tomorrow either because need to rest my leg... lol. Just the one leg though. Maybe i could hop on my left. I have to laugh.
Had a lovely time at Debbie's, meeting her lovely family, all the ponies and dogs. I had a great time at miniatura and got to see a couple of friends, bought some wonderful miniatures, and said goodbye to Debbie and Mick around 4 ish. Then i was catching the train back to Euston about 5 (ish) when my leg totally went and couldn't even bend it. The trouble with stations and trains mean that you need to bend your knee to get up and down stairs, but i couldn't. I suffer with a bad knee and couldn't get my knee cap back in place, cried lots and lots (everyone though i was a nutter), had to be helped on and off trains, down stairs and into lifts etc.
I knew it was going to happen because could feel it getting stuck all day.
I then decided to forget to pick all my miniatures up when getting a tube ticket, hobbled off down the escalators then realized i was minus a bag once at the bottom. To get back to the top meant getting up stairs. So more assistance was brought in for somebody to go and find my bag. Luckily it was handed in and brought down to me by one of the guards. Then with all my pain got on the wrong blooming train.... oh lol.
But the stations in between had tiny tube maps and couldnt see a thing, so again looked like a hobbling idiot asking people to look at my personal map.
When i was almost home had to come down the stairs on my bum while really trying not to cry. Luckily had a man that was kind enough to help me. People just ignore people that are struggling but that bloke was lovely and really helped. At the bottom and around the corner was my lovely husband waiting for me and wondering what the hell was going on, why i was crying and why i was walking like a crab and why the man (my helper) was carrying all my bags.
I'm now ok, the leg is a lot better and off to bed with a hot chocolate and some chilli chocolate the kids bought me for mothers day.
After all that it was funny and did have a lovely day, but oh so glad to be home!


  1. Poor Nikki! I am sorry to hear of the rotten ending to your wonderful trip. I hope that everything is going to be ok!

    Rest up. Relax. Feel better!!!

  2. Chili chocolate is just the thing for pain. My husband loves it. Hopefully you will be up and around soon.

  3. Nikki, it sounds absolutly awful, how terrible for you, what an end to the day, hope its all better now! Kate xx

  4. Oh you poor thing. I have a floating kneecap but, touch wood, it hasn't disclosed in years. I know exactly how painful it is though and really feel for you.

    Hope it is feeling a bit better now ((((()))))

  5. Thanks everyone about the knee. It's a lot better now.
    Have to say being me it was funny getting stuck everywhere!
    Only i could find it funny even though i was in so much


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