Monday, 23 March 2009

Check These Out.

Check out these fab websites - look for the fairy house on Penny's site. Simply beautiful.

Plus check out the muddy swamp house on etsy which i'm so in love with.

Had a fab bunch of flowers arrive this morning as a thank you for a friend.
Check out the fab website


  1. Those houses are simply amazing...Thanks for posting and sharing these...just beautiful!

  2. Such a shame that the picture of the little fairy house isn't open. It was so beautiful.

  3. Love both these houses they are amazing. Maybe a fairy house next? Nikki you should make fairy furniture and accesories, you would be brilliant at it! xx

  4. I am very able to see those houses in my home. I would stare at them for hours, imagining all sorts of things. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, i agree the houses are beautiful and would love them all to myself. I saw the fairy house at miniatura and love the ladies work.
    I love them because they are so my kind of thing and what i imagine a witch or fairy house to look like.

  6. Hi Judy C. Nice to meet you and yes i agree i too would stare at the houses all day.

  7. Wow fabulous, the houses and the flowers !!!


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