Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Off to Miniatura!

I'm going to Miniatura this Sunday, but on Saturday taking a slight turn to the left and going to Wales to see Debbie from Tiny Treasures. I'm staying there for the night and then we're going to the show together.
Really looking forward to it and meeting Debbie, her family and the cute little ponies. Just hoping... lol, she is not some nutter on the quiet. She assures me she is sane... lol
I believe she's scrubbing the house today in preparation for my visit. I have told her i'm as blind as a bat but still she scrubs. Stop the scrubbing Debbie!
On the look out for some nice owls while there, which is my usual thing, but i never find the right ones.
Heres a picture for a beautiful house. The seller called Petitie Properties will be at this show. I love their little houses.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time! :-)

  2. What a lovely idea, its lovely you are meeting up and going together! Im so jealous, Ive only ever been to one fair, we can never go together as John has to babysit! My dream is to go to Kensington, we should all meet at one sometime how fun would that be!! Have a wonderful time both of you, buy lots of goodies for us all to see!!
    Love that house too, must not look at more houses...must not must not must not!!!
    Kate xx

  3. Lol at you Kate. Buy another house!
    You can take kids to shows. Most of the kids i've seen at them don't act up because they also love looking. The Kensington shows keeps them busy for the day looking for hidden mice and if they find it or them they get a prize.
    I love going to shows because while looking i come up with new ideas. I know Debbie is also looking for owls so looks like a battle will be had should we find any.
    Really looking forward to my weekend, but not the tip my tribe will create while i'm away.
    Nikki x

  4. Nikki, just been onto their website, they are wonderful but I made a mistake before of buying 1 24th scale and its sat neglected ever since. Tell you what Im gonna buy though, her books! I know they are the wrong scale but they show how to make furniture, fireplaces, sinks etc out of card and dont have to use wood, yippee, easy stuff for lazy people like me!!! LOL Kate xx

  5. Oh, not seen the books. How did i miss that one. Off to have a look. Nikki x

  6. I'm not finished Scrubbing just yet Nikki...LOL

  7. Have a wonderful time you two....I am sure we will all be with you in 'Spirit'

    Let us know how it goes...


  8. Have a wonderful exciting to meet a mini friend.

    I am from Birmingham so give my home town a wave for me :-)

  9. Ok Jayne. Promise we shall wave, and wave we shall!
    Will let you know how the day goes and post some pictures. Not of me though. I'm ever so camera shy... no way!


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