Friday, 6 March 2009

Follow Tallulah and the foxgloves!

Jayne of Tallulah Belle is having a go at making some much needed foxgloves for my witches garden (yes know the house isn't built yet).
Anyway, she hasn't made them before and as far as we can tell neither has any other miniaturist. So for a little while as she battles through how to make them you can follow the progree on her blog. Its ever so interesting how they are made and just love the hanging papers as shown in this picture.
I think the first buds that have now hit the bin were perfect, but jayne doesn't seem to think so.
Check out Jayne's blog and follow along to see what the end result is. I know they will be wonderful and much like all the other wonderful flowers you can view both on the blog and website.
Isn't she clever!


  1. Thanks Nikki.

    With so many people watching I have to get these right now :-)

    If anyone has ever seen miniature foxgloves please let me know. I've never seen any other than the odd ones made from clay which aren't terribly realistic.

    I am sure someone somewhere must have them from paper but I don't tend to look at other miniature flower artists.

  2. The Pointer Sisters sang "I'm So Excited."

    I love your spooky things so much, but I'm not the greatest at spooky. It always comes out too cute. If you ever need "pretty" for anything let me know.


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