Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Stir It Up and friends!

Yey. stir it up is complete and his friends too! I think his friends look great but not 100% happy with the main man and may do something extra to him. I made his spoon to match so he looks like dirty copper. I dont know if he should be filled and if so with what. Non creative brain these last few days so may ponder this a while.

See... i do finish eventually something i start.


  1. Nikki they all look brilliant. Your so clever, love the way the two t the front have their tongues sticking out. Brilliant they made me laugh..

  2. These are wonderful as is all of your work. So glad I found you through one of the blogs I follow. I love witchy mini's and anything even remotely Harry Potter and made a witch's cottage though it's nothing compared to your artistry. I'll look forward to your future works.


  3. Thank you Jody and Debbie. Glad you both ike them.
    Jody, at least you finished your witches house. I still only have the shell done. Although i'm going to shortly only do 3 days a week for work, 2 days for myself and 2 days at the weekend for the kids, so the house should start to grow. Yipeeeee... can't wait.

  4. Hi Nikki..

    What a great set of characters each of their faces. Hmmmm what to put in the main about a simple classic bone, or something 'green' always goes well with copper.
    Great job

    Jodi (there seems to be lots of Jodi's around here...LOL, Hi to the other Jody!!

  5. Yes, lots of Jody's. Now that will totally confuse me. So if i should ever get you both confused then really sorry.
    Hmmmmmm. i dont know about filling him up and will keep on looking at him while i work.
    I can have something sitting there for ever bfore i finally decide..
    Maybe he works well empty.
    Just came to my mind, perhaps i could fill him with dirty dishes and a mop in his hand in place of the spoon. Wish i could decide.

  6. I want them filled with odd colored jelly beans...but I'm into jelly bellies right now!!

    Love them Nikki!

  7. Why don't you fill it with the little bubbles you you did on the tutorial? Just a thought! They turned out really well!!!

  8. Hi Katie. Think i like the bubble idea. Off to look at colours and see what blends with copper tones.
    I also like lauries idea with the jelly beans and jodi's idea with a bone.
    Perhaps a bubbling green skele-grow with eye balls, olde bones, dragon heart strings and the little insect stingers i did on a previous potion board. It would go nice with the copper. I'll also see if his other hand can hold a little bottle of the complete potion or perhaps he could be holding the spring water.
    I think thats what i'll do.

  9. you are a true artist!
    I love your work a lot!

  10. Wow...all those ideas sound great Nikki...can't wait to see what you come up with. Harry Potter ideas are so wonderful to create with...'skele-grow' Love It!!!
    Did you see the one I listed this morning on my Blog...Richard sculpted a Mountain Troll Foot?? You who likes HP stuff will enjoy it I think...

    Happy Wednesday


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