Monday, 23 February 2009

Fab Blog Award!

Casey from Casey's Mini's has presented me with this award today. How wonderful to have another this week and thank you ever so much Casey. Check out Casey's blog which always makes me laugh.
I have to give this to 5 other bloggers and can't give to two of my faves because they already have it, so i'd like to pass this onto my other favourite blogs. You need to each pass this onto another 5 blogs, and then each person has to list their 5 addictions too ans so on and so on.
Kat the hat - always top of my list.
Joyce Stahl - love everything on this blog, just everything!
Laurie Hardin - Love everything about this blog and the beautiful work!
Silke - The Art of Silk Janas schloesser - such wonderful creations!
Following Troll Tracks - brilliant blog and work!
I also have to say 5 of my addictions. Well, i do like cakes (any cake). I also love chocolate (any chocolate), watching the sopranos (biggest fan), making my witch and wizard miniatures (could do that forever and even unpaid). Hmmmmmm the last one..... hmmmmmm, not sure. Oh yes, i do love cleaning floors, so i suppose thats an addiction and i do get withdrawal symptoms if i don't. Sad i know, but it does actually make me happy... lol
Thanks Casey for this fab award!


  1. Congratulations Nikki.
    Cleaning floors! you can come and give mine a good scrub if you want.. LOL

  2. Thank you Nikki!! I am so crazy busy right now that I don't know if I will get this done. I have a deadline approaching I'm panicked on and just took an hour this morning to try to catch up on blogging!!

    I really, really appreciate the award!!!
    Thank you!


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