Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Can You Guess?

Can you guess what i'm making?
Yes, i know everything i make at the moment seems to end up with a face, but 'm just happily into faces at the moment.
I shall show you tomorrow what they become more like the real thing, and think i'm so going to love them.
A few are going in jars and some will be loose, so when i sell them people can pick and choose what they want them to do. I'd so want them for my own garden!


  1. Peeking Parsnips? Cheeky Carrots? Love em Nikki,
    what every they turn out to be...

  2. I don't know what they're gonna become, but their faces are too cute!

  3. Could be a lot of different things. Can't wait to see!

    P.S. Still laughing about Kenny. lol

  4. ...they look like broom ends? Or should I say they'd make some neat broom ends.....No, are they tiki lights? You did say something about the garden.....Hmmmmm?????

  5. They sort of remind me of Lumiere from Disney's
    Beauty and the Beast--I guess a columnar figure with a face! I'll be eager to see what they become?!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  6. Debbie, you are so wrong?
    Katie, what a fab idea. I may not make them though because i think somebody has done them before. I think the wet paint co made some a little while back, although i could make an umbrella have a handle with a face.
    Or wands... yes wands!
    One more clue... they can be eaten but you would most certainly die if you did.
    Jody. I rememeber those faces on beauty and the beast. But they are not those.
    Brenda, one more clue. They can be eaten but you would most certainly die if you did.

  7. These are freaking adorable...hmmmmmm are they carrots...or little creatures that go bump in the night? LOL


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