Thursday, 19 February 2009

Sculpey Premol Translucent Clay Test.

Last year Fimo stopped producing their clear translucent clay number 00 and this left quite a lot of people unsure what product to switch to to. Especially not good for people that were learning techniques from the angie scarr food book where she used quite a lot of this clay.
I used it mostly for cheese because if you look at real cheese it has a translucent look to it and it was especially good for brie and other soft cheese.
So today i'm running a test of Sculpey Primol translucent 5310 to work out what i will be able to achieve. It's baking at the moment and not sure if it will dry with the colour showing through the packet. It looks quite creamy with a slight ochre colour to it at the moment. Let's see what it's like when baked, how strong it is and if it will lighten in colour.
Back in a while when its baked.

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