Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Making Crows Eggs or Any other speckled Eggs Tutorial.

Easter is almost here so though i'd start preparing lots of fillings for witch and wizard easter treats, plus i'm making eggs today for one of my customers thats wants a variety for some jar filings. So if you're reading this John then i'll also pop in some loose ones too to scatter around your wizards kitchen.
Here we go, its ever so simple. I started this at 4.15, made up the clay and took the pics in 25 mins so this proves they are so easy to make.

Crows Eggs.

Make up some blue/green polymer clay mix, by using white, blue and green clay. When all mixed and you're happy with the colour mix in some ground rice. Have a look at the picture so you can work out roughly how much. Use a rolling pin to work it all in. This makes the clay have a nice texture and stops all the little eggs sticking to your fingers later.

Do the same again with a brown mix of clay and work all the ground rice in.

Roll out your blue/green clay and roll into a long sausage.

Roll out your brown mix of clay into thin sausages and stretch along the blue/green clay. Try and do this so its equal in ratio to what is showing in the picture.

Start to chop this all up into slices like shown above. Once you have done all the slices gently quash all the clay back up together again and continue chopping. This normally takes around 6-8 times of pushing back together and chopping again.

It should now look like this with tiny fine flecks of brown.

Gently squash all the mix up together into lots of long sausages. Try not to roll but squash and stretch into the long thin sausages, Once all your sausages are long and thin cut lots of slices and roll each of these into little eggs as shown in the photo. Then bake.

You can use any colour combintaions you want and can use more than one brown if preferred to makes the speckled bits. You can make them in any scale or even use at a larger scale for easter cards and ornamental baskets etc. I'm going to be making jars and baskets in 1:12th scale and anything else thats comes to me as i work.
The ground rice is available in most supermarkets and stops the clay being sticky, makes the eggs have a nice texture and matt look to them. Plus it makes them ever so easy to roll and flick onto your baking sheet.
Mixing ground rice into clay also makes wonderful bread and is also ideal for making cheesecake bases and crumbly cales and biscuits.

I tend to work on sheets of safety glass which can be placed in the oven. The surface i have worked on here is an old insert from a dining table. I also have a glass topped work table which is just perfect for polymer clay because its easy to clean, dosnt scar when you use blades and i would say is the best birthday present i've recieved .. ever!
Mind you wouldnt have minded a box of chocolates and flowers to go with it, but then i must not complain... Lol!


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips Nikki. The colour reminds me of Mint Chocolate Chop Ice Cream. Off to look in the freezer now.. LOL

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I would of never thought to add the rice to the clay......I'll have to keep that in mind! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. Thank you for so many useful tips,I'll tresure them and make good use.

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge :-). Pretty colour clay. Have you seen the new sculpey clay called Studio sculpey they do fab colours!

  5. I love your work, Nikki, and your blog. There's so much humor here. I know you said not to laugh, but really now...Kenny Rogers when you were five?! lol

  6. Hi Brenda. He's fab and so is Dolly, but i also like punk, folk, country, classical and just about all kinds of music... Lol. I pick and chosse from each
    I really did like him and i would sit by the record player playing all my step dads albums.
    Glad you like my blog too!
    Nikki x


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