Thursday, 19 February 2009

After the bake!

Here it is after the bake. Its now more translucent but has darkened and breaks quite easily.
Even though it breaks quite easily with the shape i made it would still be fine for cheese and a variety of other miniatures.
The clay is beautiful to work with, doesn't stick to your fingers, is resisitant to finger prints while working it it, but takes on identations and markings better than fimo. I would imagine its better for detailed work such as the mandrakes i've made recently, and so going to use it to make the faces on some cauldrons i have on the go at the moment. I also had a little play with it to see how it loses its shape when you're working with it. For instance if i was making leaves wit fimo theleaves can distort and lose their shape while working and moveing them, but this clay didnt.
From the whole colour range i do prefer the colours because they look more natural and have a lovely subtle tone to them against the bright and vibrant fimo colour range.
I would also imagine its great for items such as candles like my friend Debbie is making at the moment so shall give these a o when i have finished my weeks work and hopefully post next week.
Overall a nice product to work with, that retains its shapes and indentations to a high standard, not sticky and probably the best replacement for translucent fimo 00 that i have tried since they removed this product.


  1. Thanks for the info Nikki. I'm lucky that I still have about 4 large blocks of the translucent Fimo and the Fimo White. That's what I'm using to make the candles a 50/50 ratio.

  2. Nikki was just checking through the new Fimo colours they are doing a Soft Translucent the number is 014..

  3. Hi Debbie. Yes i have some of that but its translucent/white14 and not the translucent00 which they made upto last year. You can't buy it anywahere and have just 1/4 of a block left.
    Thats why i've been searching for an alternative.
    There is a spanish clay that do translucent but i can't find any of it and can't remember what the name was on the packet. If anyone knows the product name could you let me know.
    They do a whole range of coours and some wonderful translucents. I did have some but threw the packet away hence why i can't remember the product name. I bought it at the NEC miniatura show and think i may have even got it on the angie scarr stall (not sure).
    Actually probably didn't get it from them because the man was rude and dont buy from rude people... lol.

  4. Premo also makes a translucent called 'Frost' which is whiter in color and more translucent. Most craft shops do not carry it but you can find it easily online even in the 1 lb block.

    If you are having trouble with the clay breaking it is because it hasn't been properly cured. This is because most ovens do not hold their heat evenly and aren't at the correct temperature for long enough.

    To solve this problem, I bake all my polymer clay pieces, regardless of size, for 1 hour at 265F. I also use an oven thermometer since most ovens are incorrect.

    When cured properly Premo is actually a much stronger clay than Fimo.

    Hopefully that info was helpful for you.

  5. Thank you Cindy. Thats useful to know and much appreciated. I didnt now about the frost and will look fo some online.
    Perhaps i didnt bake it quite right and will run another test and do it for longer as you have suggested.
    If anyone reads this click on cindys name above to be redirected to some wonderful info.
    Glad you left a comment and will go and check out your site again now.
    Niki x


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