Thursday, 26 February 2009

Really don't like that.

After signing in this morning i discovered they have changed the members view area on the side bar and really don't like it. When you click on a member you now have to scroll through all the details and so don't like it. I'm a visual person and if i can't see it then i can't do or use it.
Is it just me this has happened to or do blog spot make changes without you knowing?
Such things put me in a panic. I hate change and wish people could leave things that work well alone. Its the same with blooming greedybay (my friend Debbie calls it this) and they keep on changing everything. Just when i learn one thing that isn't hard for others off they go and make unwanted alterations.
Well, I'll be a little late today showing you what the little faces will become. Had a bad day yesterday and then the kids come home from school so nothing much was done. Then an evening of cooking and housework (very dull).
Off now to work on them.


  1. Nikki its happened to my follower gadget as well. I'm not impressed, before as soon as anyone started following I could see and Welcome them. This new thing has mixed it all up..

  2. I so hate it. It just doesn't work for me. It makes the whole thing difficult to use, makes it harder to access info and i like the old way where everything is on one screen as you click on each member. Plus if you have bad eyesight like me its no good. I'm going to have to get a magnifier... lol I need sharp and crisp.
    Well back to the faces.

  3. I will add my two cents as well... Hate it!

    It looks tacky


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