Thursday, 26 February 2009

The guessing is over!

Yes, Debbie you are correct. Thought you wouldn't get it!
These are going to be pet mushrooms or fly argarics (the ones with the red tops and spots). They are bigger than what i would normally make because i had to get the details in, but once i mix them in with tiny babies they will look fine.
I'm going to sell these loose so people can either pot them up or plant in their gardens and will leave part of the woden sticks on so they can be poked in where needed.
I also have some in jars with soil, which have a wire carrying handle (forgot to take the picture).
Can't show you them with their tops on today because need to paint the dots on.
As a little tip for panting tiny dots forget a paint brush. Use a cocktail stick instead. They make perfect little dots. and once dipped in paint i can get 5 dotd per dip as an average.
Will take new pictures in te morning.
Photo not great today but can see see their rosy cheeks?


  1. Yeah I was right. Nikki they are brilliant, cant wait to see them with their little hats on.
    Great little faces. Love em..

  2. cute cute cute! Oh my witch is nagging me about these for her greenhouse. Trying tune her out (hard - whiny, loud voice). haa!

  3. Hi Chris.. Your poor witch. Off to check if you have a witch house on your blog. Hope so.
    Should really be going to bed... but it can wait!

  4. OK....mushrooms are cool!! Hey, they even have little pink cheeks!!

    BTW...I like the black kitty on your page....if you move your mouse over it, he plays with can make the kitties head spin, lol!


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