Friday, 27 February 2009

Fly Argarics as pets and bad photo day.

My son Patrick age 13 took my camera out in the garden when it was snowing with a little bit of rain mixed iin, got it soaked and ever since i can't seem to take good photo. Can you believe he was holding it up to the sky to take pictures of the snow falling towards him. The only trouble was he did this for about 5 minutes.
I then sepnt hours taking it all apart to dry for two days.
Can you believe i've taken over 100 shots today and this picture is still not that great. But i suppose you get to see them complete.
I've set them up in a temporary setting so you can see them with soil and scatters of moss with stones. I just wish there colourful cheeks would show more.
When i have my camera sorted for all my recent work i'll be able to take final pictures
and then i'm going to try CDHM rather than Greedybay to sell them.
So if you're a customer of mine i will send you all emails as to when this date will be, or if you read this blog on a regular basis then the info will be here at some point by next week.
Been in a bit of a muddle recently. I'm tired of repeating my miniatures or making slight variations and want to start creating a wider variety of witch and wizard mini's. I've also been doing lots of research for the last two weeks, reading books and trying out lots of new materials and techniques. I've been runing tests and creating samples for future reference and drawing too. Plus sorting my craft room and chatting lots to some wonderful people through this blog or by joining lots of groups and forums to further build on my future plans.
My other plan is to have some time working on my own house and witch shop and still manage to somehow be a good mother (even a good wifey). I've spent far too much time ignoring the kids on sundays when photos have needed to be taken and then sitting and listing items for sale in the evening. Evereyhting has been too much of a rush, never had time to eat, let alone sleep for long. Which is why i've been a bit all over the place at the moment.
Also from now on i won't be taking commission work because i like to create on a whim. As much as its a good way to know you have lots of sales it kind of puts me in a panic, and when i want to relax i don't knowing i'll be letting people down when i'm running late. Plus i find i actually make less items when doing a special order because my brain just goes dead... lol. Honestly it does.
I'd also like to work on projects for publication, and somehow with my lack of computer knowledge create a making witch, wizard and haunted miniatures book working on various spooky items, with hints and tips, product research and stuff like that.
But then there is a whole future so i'll take it more easy and catch up on some badly needed sleep


  1. Nikki I have to say BLOODY BRILLIANT..
    Love em, they look fantastic in the setting you've done.
    I can just imagine these growing in your Witchy Garden. Fan bloody tastic...
    These are going to go down a storm..
    Your parcel is in the post.. x

  2. Hi Nikki...

    Love your new little Toady Stools...are they beginning to form a Fairy Ring?? Good job.
    I also like your future plans... sounds like you have reached that spot many of us do where you realize it is time to shake things up, set new goals and directions and basically take your own bull by the horns... You can see clearly what needs to be done for family and art...This is all VERY good... your path will be clear to create in a new light...a wonderful spot to reach....congrats!! Best of luck on your wonderful new journey...

    Happy friday

  3. Thanks Jodi. Yes you're right i do need to shake myself up, have a clearing and start again.
    Since blogging and discovering so many wonderful artists creating a vast variety of what i class as alternative miniatures i've been inspired to have a go at something different.
    My head is swimming with so many ideas and after watching one of your face tutorials on you tube i though " hey, i've been adding those bits and pushing those bits in and flicking that bit back and rolling like that".
    Not that i'm going to make human faces but going to have a go at creating some weird creatures, monster spiders, goblins and ghosts and an ever ending list of whimsical mini's.
    I loved watching your tutorial and sat for ages last night rewinding and pausing.
    But, being me i have too many ideas and go with too much at once. I'll have to learn to stop doing this.
    Thanks Jodi... in love with your work. I'll slip you my address in the hope you will send again to me by mistake... i wish!

  4. I don't blame you Nikki, ebay charge so much money to sell things. I myself am only selling a small selection of my hats on eBay.To be honest I would rather sell them from another outlet as I get fed up with the listing fees!!! I am now making other miniatures such as my books for my own enjoyment much more relaxing :-D. I am also getting into witches into other areas I recently bought some fab books and I am going with my Husband and Dog to Pendle for a few days where the Pendle Witch Trials took place!!!Just a good excuse for a mini break and a picnic ha ha!
    Love these Toady stools just when I think your work cannot get any better it gets better ha ha ha! You are clever.

  5. Fantastic!
    Are they very small?

  6. Hi Pussman. They are not tiny tiny, but the ones with no faces on are. They would have been buggers to work on if they were tiny which is why i;m mixing smaller non face ones in with them. Most are around 1cm - 1.5cm in height.
    I was shooting last year and found some of these growing. Some of them were tiny and some were massive so i suppose i can get away with the bigger ones as long as they are mixed with the tiny.
    If you think i shoot, then i dont (can't stand shooting), but went with a friend to keep her comapny while my husband gave her lessons. How dull shooting is!


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