Monday, 16 February 2009

Mandrakes Complete!

At long last they are all complete and ready for sale. I decided as i scheduled them to go on ebay from 9 pm to 9.13 pm that i would list them all for auction rather than buy it now. Changed my mind at the last minute i know but i just couldn't decide what to do. 3 of these little men will not be listed this evening because they are commissions. But Mr plump will be, alongside 12 others.
Anyway, here they all are and theres a better picture of Mr Plumps bum for you all to have a giggle at.
Here are all their names: screaming baby, rude, bully, mischievous, shocked, jolly, i surrender, singing, screaming, raaaggghh, plump and offended. Missed a few names i know but can't remember all of them.
Promise ill shut up about mandrakes now and will rant and rave about the cauldrons with faces i'll be making all week. Well thats the plan, but its half term so the brats will be keeping me busy.
Love them all really but wish schools didn't have holidays, kept them there longer in the day and let them have sleepovers.
Off now, to have the rest of the day doing nothing. Going to have a nice hot bath, find my duvet, refuse to cook and go to sleep on top of the tv controller so nobody can switch... lol.
Oh yes, you can find my ebay link just below the 2 awards at the side of ths text.


  1. They are all so funny and cute. I love the book too!

  2. Tee hee cheeky bottom ha ha! I love them all what a great family of mandrakes. I will have to bid on a least one of them as my Mum would love them! LoL xxxx

  3. They all look fantastic Nikki.. Love the Cheeky Bum.. LOL


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