Sunday, 22 February 2009

For Kat - The Cure

Hi Kat. Couldn't be bothered to open a new page and wanted to tell you the Cure are playing on Jonathan Ross this Friday. Can't wait. Gosh, he must look so old now.

Those boys are still not back, my hair looks great for the first time in ages and twiddling my thumbs.


  1. Thank you Nikki xxxx I tuned in even though I should have gone to bed with going to work the next day ha ha! I loooooooooooooooooove Robert Smith he kinda looks cosey Goth now he is older tee hee still love him! A boy he still has great goth hair! As they said in The Mighty Boosh "Goth Juice the most powerful hairspray known to man. Made from the tears of Robert Smith."

  2. OH!!! Muast have got this wrong. Thought it was this friday coming up. Oh what a shame i missed it. God, im stupid.. lol

  3. You can see it on the BBC website


  4. It's official. You see, no matter how hard i try i still keep getting things wrong.

  5. Hi…..
    Your blog is breathe taking. It has a great appeal.
    I like your blog……

  6. Thank you Susan. So glad you like my blog.


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