Tuesday, 27 January 2009

How do i get those colours!

Quite often i'm asked where i get the material used on my potion jars.
Well, what i do is buy plain cream muslin and dye it with acrylic paints. It's ever such a messy job and you have to ignore the facts that acrylic paint is not great for your plumbing below the sink (just use lots of hot water to rinse it all away) and ignore your husbands comments!
First i cut the material to size and i normally cut out 6 bits and make 6 colours. Then wet all of these and squezze out the water leaving the material damp. Then using something like a tray your tomatoes come in mix acrylic paints together until you get the colour you want. Then slowly add water so its like a thick runny cream (maybe a little thicker). For a bit of material about 70cm x 70cm you only need around a table spoon altogether of acrylic paint.
Now dip one of the bits of your material into this mix and push it around the tray soaking up all the paint mix. using your hands rub the material together like your are scrubbing clothes and make sure you dont have patches of colour. Try to make it all nice and even, then squeeze out any excess paint and rub the material together again like scrubbing so its not patchy.
Straighten out the material and hang on your line with a peg on one corner. If like me it won't dry outside at the moment i put kitchen towel over my radiator before the material.
Then carry on until all your material is coloured.
I find it difficult to cut the material around jars with every other materail i've tried. The muslin is nice and thin and so sits perfectly on every jar.
Because i like the colours to be deep i tend use raw umber (brown) in every colour.
The photos show muslin that i have dyed today. Beacause i use paint it means i can have any colour i choose plus makes cutting easier.
Sharp scissors are a must, but if you're anything like me they tend to be used for everything. I even cut wood with mine!
Hint and tip: Always keep your material scissors far away from your work bench so you're not tempted to cut wood with them. Don't be tempted to chop anything but material with them and don't let your children know where you have hidden them. Children ruin scissors!
Top picture shows a jar of pumpkin soup using muslin that i have dyed with acrylics.
Bottom picture shows the material i dyed today.

Glass Balls!

These galls balls/spheres i shall turn into a wizards crystal ball/looking glass and stand each on a stone type pillar. The smallest measures 3cm and shall turn them into something like the witch uses on the Wizard of Oz. They are not small like what you see on most 1:12th tables, yet are perfect for what i have in my mind. If any one else wnats to also make the same, check out my ebay feedback and then you can find the seller.
Wondering if i fitted a into the pillar and below the ball i can get it to shine through the ball. Does anyone know the answer?


  1. I know you can get pillars etc from Tee Pee craft. Perhaps if you put a photo of something just underneath the ball so when you look into it you see an image. Not sure if this would work but worth a try ha ha! Love your how to dye muslin you do great colours. Ever thought of selling packs? I would buy ha ha ha! Keep up the great work and love your blog page xxx Kat the hat lady

  2. Hi Kat. Thanks for your idea. I reckon something with a shape on cut out and then a light below. I'll run some tests.
    Nice idea though isn't it?
    Glad you're enjoying my blog, though don't have much time for anything of great interest this week.
    Nikki xxx


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