Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Folksy shop and miniatures available. Plus the brambly house photo updates.

Im busy adding new miniatures available for purchase to my new Folksy shop. Ive removed everything from etsy and will be selling at Folksy from now on. Its easy to use too. 
If you have messaged me at etsy i cant read your messages but you are welcome to message me at facebook or folksy from now on. I still have about 4 or 5 items to list but you can see whats available here.

Here's a selection of a few new miniatures and some very girly work for me.... pink alert!!! Lots more to see at Folksy too.

Oooh and below them photo updates of the brambly mouse house im busy with at the moment.

The mouse house im making based around Brambly hedge is now much further along. Its kind of on hold until i can source and purchase all the materials i need to complete the build. Really enjoyed making it so far and longing to get back to work on it.

This side is now complete... just cant find the photo. The house was built from junk like laminate flooring, drawers, backs of picture frames and odd and ends.  Its really strong and have papier nmached with scrunched up newspaper soaked in pva then used plater bandage over it. Its then having a coat of a really tough polyfilla to create the bark textures.


  1. Guauuu esa casa va a ser muyyy original, y los pasteles están geniales!!! te felicito por los trabajos de esta entrada.

  2. esos dulces son muy realistas , y la casa esta genial



  3. I love brambly hedge mini's they are just so cute, it will be fun to watch this one progress.

  4. I bulit my treehouse almost the same way- with all the layers! I think this too is one of my favorite things- sculpting the house:) I can't wait to see where you go with this! It looks amazing so far! :)


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