Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Mouse House So Far!

On New Years Eve i started building whats to become a mouse housed based around the books from Brambly Hedge.

If you have not read the books then here is a link to the beautiful illustrations im totally in love with.This is one of my pinterest boards.

Here is all of my pinterest boards.

I need to add the room divides to the upper floors still but cant find any suitable wood as yet! 
My next step is to strenghten the structure from the outside. It's all going to be covered in a faux bark so all the mess will be hidden away. 
For the interior im getting mount board and building onto that before slotting in place, same for the floors and ceilings. Doing it that way means i wont be struggling to stain all the wooden beams needed, and will make the walls easier to paint around all the beams. 
I dont need to think of electrics because im going to use battery powered lighting and have candles just like the brambly books, so thats a bonus because i dont have a clue about electrics. 
For this build ive used boards from the back of frames, a drawer, 2 dolls house room boxes and laminate flooring. It really is quite solid as it stands at the moment consideering how its been built. 
Id say about another 15 inches will be added to its finished height. 
Tomorrow i shall start working on the exterior strength, and building it up to a more tree like shape. Then will start on the exterior and do the faux bark effect for the exterior more towards the end of the build.

The whole build is going to take quite some time, but its my dream and so the time is worth it!

Will pop the odd post here now and again with updates as i move through the stages.

Nikki xxx


  1. This is going to be a really BIG project :O) and it will be fun to follow your progress on this house!
    Have fun!

  2. I can't even imagine how spectacular this is going to be. I have been watching your progress on FaceBook. What are you going to use for bark? I have just started on a tiny fairy house compared to yours and was going to do the outside in twigs and moss.

  3. You're building it all from scratch! How cool! I'd love to learn how to build my own wooden roomboxes because I'm planning on selling a bunch of 1:!2 scale scenes at our city's Mini club annual Show and Sale in September. Any tips?

  4. espero seguir los progresos de este proyecto , lo encuentro muy interesante



  5. Me encanta ver como va todo tomando forma, y estoy deseando ver el progreso.

  6. so excited to see your progress! Love it!


  7. It is really a great project and I adore the quirky and chaotic form of the house. Bravo! I hope the result with impatience!

  8. Nikki it looks great - I love Brambly Hedge and can't wait to see more

  9. Wow Nikki! How many floors does this mouse house have?? Love imagining how the finished house will look! I'll be sure and follow along!


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