Thursday, 6 October 2011

The past few days i've been busy making Toadstool Cottage, a kit i bought from Petite Properties.
The bottom photo you can see what it started like. Ive mostly covered the house with card from a cereal box and then painted everything.
The house is 1:48 and not difficult to work with like i thought it would be.
You can also see in one of the photos there will be a garden to surround the house, based around the needs of a witch. Plenty of space for pumpkins too and cant wait to get working on the garden.

Think i should have a few days break from the hosue and make some minis for sale. I have a few things made which just need some finishing touches and lots that is half made.

Thank you to everyone that purchased from me when i listed new minis on etsy.

Nikki xxx


  1. Very cute little house, Nikki, but I don't understand the "cereal box" part. Why/how did you do that? Was it part of the instructions?

  2. Susan the house comes as a kit form like mdf, and there was also an instruction booklet with it to take you through each stage. In the booklet its suggested to use card and other materials to make the beams and many of the features. The door and windows are also made from card. Ive not followed the booklet totally and added extra beams to the inside, and also removed a wall from downstairs because im using that as a kind of storage room to drying plants and potion ingredients... so it will be more like a cellar really. In the bottom photo you can see the house before it was painted and how i applied the card.

  3. Its wonderful Nikki. How are you going to make the potions etc to that tiny scale! So sad you can buy little tiny glass jars etc in that scale, id imagine it will be tricky to fill? Did it come with furniture or will you make your own? Kate xx

  4. Will make my own furniture and buy some kits too. I'll be able to have some glass made to scale but ill make mostly everything from clay card and stuff like that. Its not really cost me hardly anything to make this house so far

  5. That is so cute! I have been watching your progress on FB.


  6. Ooh, this is fantastic! So excited to see more!
    I love your work, but I'm always late for your sales. =( I think my calculations on the time difference are =)

  7. Lovely work Nikki as usual. You are brave to work in such a tiny scale. If it was me I think i would be pleased just to look at the tiny house!

  8. This is amazing, thanks for showing. I love what you did with the house so far and your garden plan looks very promising.



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