Saturday, 17 September 2011

Photos for Etsy Tomorrow Evening

Here's a few photos of what will be available from tomorrow evening in my etsy shop.

Here's my etsy shop link:

Free postage on all Miniatures in my etsy shop using 1st Class UK and 1st Class Airmail.
If you require recorded and signed for postage both in the UK and Elsewhere please purchase this separately through my shop. I strongly advise this for large orders. 
If not selected your items will be posted 1st class UK and Airmail, any losses or damage in the post are not covered using this service. Using recorded and signed for guarantees a refund for losses and damage.
This only needs to be purchased once regardless of how many items are in one transaction from recent shopping. 

Giant to small Pumpkins x 4 per set.
Biggest pumpkin measure on average 5.7cm in width x 3.7cm in height. The smallest is on average 3cm in width and 1.7cm in height.
Made from polymer and acrylics.

Mushroom Baskets.
Here we have a moss lined basket with 10 loose mushrooms.
The basket is not my own (purchased at KDF) but i have moss lined it and handcrafted the mushrooms.The basket measures 2cm in width.

Ladybird Brooms
Each broom measuring on average 12.5cm in height.Made from
polymer clay, metal, silk, paper, and acrylics.

Mandrake Table
The table measures 6.5cm in height, 5.3cm in depth and 12cm in width.The table itself is my own creation..The table shows Mandrakes at various stages of growth, with two sleeping and one peeping. The tools i have rusted up alongside ageing the pots and crates. Materials used are wood, acrylics, polymers, metal, paper, faux soil, stones and moss, cotton, and terracotta.The table is one of my favourite Miniatures to date, and hope you like it just as much!

Pumpkin Friends 
Tallest Pumpkin measures 4.5 cm in height to the top leaf. The smallest measures 3.5cm in height to the top leaf.
The leaves are flexible alongside the stems and can be shaped further as to your choice.
Made from Polymer and Acrylics.

Pumpkins for a doll to hold or to push into the ground.
Total height is 11.4 cm on average. The sticks will bend and can be shaped further.

 11 Pumpkins.
Pumpkin measures 2.6 cm in height.
Made from Polymer and Acrylics.
 Pumpkin 1 
Pumpkin measures 3.5 cm in height
Made from Polymer and Acrylics.

Pumpkin 2 
Pumpkin measures 2.7 cm in height
Made from Polymer and Acrylics.

 Lady Pumpkin with leaves for hair. Need to take further photos.
Pumpkin measures 3.2 cm in height.  The full spread of the leaves are 8.5cm in width looking from the front. This can be altered if desired because the stems are flexible and can be arranged again as desired. They can be bent and waved much more than is showing here.

Made from Polymer and Acrylics.
Each Pumpkin measures 2.8 cm in height
Made from Polymer and Acrylics.

Pumpkin Brooms
Broom measuring on average 12.5cm in height.
With pumpkins and their leaves for decoration.Made from polymer clay, metal, paper, and acrylics.

On Monday will carry on working on the Minis showing Below. The garland is coming along well, but had to scrap the wreath which i did wrong and couldnt get it to work. I think one of the mannequins will be a fairy outfit with wings and wand etc, and maybe the other a witch outfit.  
Will also be making mandrakes in the coming week, a lot of you have asked me to, and promise i will get them done asap. Some will be loose, some for your own planting, some in buckets, pots and even watering cans and anything else i think of. Some will be sleeping, some yawning, some peeping etc. If you have any ideas im happy to hear them! xxx

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