Sunday, 20 February 2011

Been absent some time!

Ive kept meaning to pop back here and show what i have been doing recently. I still check in here daily and still follow the blogs on my list.

Have been learning to spin, dye, sew and further learn with felting. Heres a few pics of my learning.
Over the last few days ive started to list in my etsy shop what ive made over the past month, and glad to say i have already had 3 sales.  I still need to list more this evening and tomorrow. You can see all the photos on my felting blog in more depth, heres the link:


  1. Well done on your sales Nikki. You have taken to felting like a duck to water.

    I love the green one at the bottom.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  2. I love poppies so that has to be my fav! You look like youve been doing it for years Nikki so its obviously meant to be! Kate xxx

  3. Me too I love the poppies but then I like red flowers. Your felting is beautiful little pieces of art! Was it you that said there was a felting shop in Truro? I will have a look for you xxxxLook forward to see what wonderful new items you create this year. Are you going to do any Gothic ones for Halloween?


Thank you for your comment xxx