Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lovely Snow and Igloo!

Busy today helping my son Patrick build an Igloo. Got to tell you its hard work and realling tiring, and only half way through yet. Heres a pic half way through and will pop back tonight when we have finished. We're going to make little alcoves for candles too and a chimney. Hoping the roof doesnt cave in, lol.


  1. The igloo looks great and looks like hard work to make. :o)

    LOL Not sure I'd call snow lovely though! It's stopped me getting into work and tomorrow has just about been written off too - no thaw in sight and it's still snowing! I love the look of it....such a dire shame the country cannot move when we have the stuff and we have over a foot in Hampshire and we got off lightly compared to most in the UK. :o((

    Snow shovel came in handy for moving the stuff! lol

    I wonder if KDF is still on??! Just bought some supplies to keep me busy and frustrated too! lol

    Michelle xxxxx

  2. Hi ,
    I loved this blog. I did join a few months ago but circumstances kept me away so I am now back to stay.
    Carry on with your good work and i am going to do my best tp catch up !!


Thank you for your comment xxx