Saturday, 6 November 2010

That girl sends shivers through me when she sings!

Every Saturday i can never wait to hear Rebecca Ferguson from Liverpool sing on The X Factor.
Tonight she, as always blew me away! I simply adore this girl and could listen to her forever... and a day!
Here's a link to the site and Rebecca singing this week - She sends shivers through me!

Heres a link to this also on youtube:

Ive never voted on this show in past years but this girl makes me vote over and over regardless of the fact i can't afford to. She sends shivers through me.
Going to create a link in the next week in my sidebar so you can listen to her every week. Ive played this song over and over since she sang much earlier this evening, just cant stop it playing... so beautiful! It also makes me cry and smile, lots!!
I also love Matt Cardle (below). Who's your fave?

Heres a link to Matt this week too... amazing!


  1. She definitely has a great voice!

  2. Rebecca has to win! style,talent,class and a great voice she just has to win but you never know! lol x Julie

  3. Mmmmm....I agree, she is fabulous.

  4. What a pity :-(
    If i click on the link, it says its not affaiable in my region. (Holland)
    hmmm... maybe on You-tube? :-)

  5. So Dark, heres a link on youtube

  6. I love Matt but something tells me One Direction are being groomed to win (5 Justin Bebers ewwwwwwwwww).

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxx

  7. Matt & Rebecca are my top two as well! his song this week was amazing! but Rebecca has been perfection every week.

  8. She is my favourite too!!! I also like Matt and Aiden, but Rebecca I love. I'd buy her album in a second.


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