Sunday, 7 November 2010

Listing on etsy this evening.

All the measurements have now been added.
By the way, i am still lsitening to Rebecca from last night. I must have played it hundreds of times by now i love it that much!
I'm addicted and can't stop!

Will be listing the mini's showing here in my etsy shop this evening 9pm UK time.
I will pop back later and add the measurements and further details after ive cooked dinner, probably about 6-7pm.

Face Pumpkin Pots A, B and C
A, B ad C measure 2.1cm in height.

Candles A and B
Set A - The tallest candle is 2.8cm, the smallest is 1.8cm
Set B - The tallest candle is 2.6cm, the smallest is 1.8cm

Candy Canes.
These measure roughly 1.3cm in length.

Teapots A and B.
A measures 2cm in height. B is 2cm.

Pumpkin Pots A to F
A measures 1.1cm in height. B is 1cm. C is 2.1c. D is 1.4. E is 2cm. F is 1.4cm.

Dragon Bottles A to I
The tallest F measures 2.3cm in height. The smallest I measures 1.6cm in height.

Pumpkins A to G
A measures 3cm in height. B measures 2.3 cm in height and is 3cm in length. C is 2.4cm in height and 3cm in length. D measures 3.2cm in height.
E is 2.5cm in height. F is 3cm. G is 2.7cm

Wobbly potion bottles A to E

The tallest in set A is 3.2, the smallest is 2.5cm.
The tallest in set B is 3.5, the smallest is 2.6cm.
The tallest in set C is 3.2, the smallest is 2.8cm.
The tallest in set D is 3.8, the smallest is 2.9cm.
The tallest in set E is 3.0, the smallest is 2.5cm.


  1. Love the new Pumpkins Nikki and the Dragon Bottles with the Eye Stoppers.. xxx

  2. So colourful I love colour in spooky minis, hope Im lucky! xxxx

  3. The power of positive thinking LOL I will get a Dragon jug and candles.

    Victoira ;)

  4. I love those new pumpkins, good luck with your sales.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Love these - will be logging on tonight!!

  6. I love your artistic flair... I live in the US but would love to purchase some of your minis...

  7. omg i nearly missed it :P i forgot about all the time changes hahahaha but i came in near the end and got 2 things...woohooo :D Linda x

  8. I still can't believe it - I was able to catch pumpkin No. F! Jippieee!!! I was so excited that I forgot to add a little message during the purchase, but I'm doing it here now: I can't wait to add the next wonderful miniature made by you to my witch's tower. Your work is outstanding and absolutely amazing.

    Have a nice week

  9. Gah!!! I totally spaced. Silly daylight savings time. Rawrg!

    Your stuff was amazing, as always, Nikki. I LOVE the candy canes! And the new pumpkins and bottles. It was all quite excellent! SOMEDAY I will get one!!!

  10. There all lovely!
    What to choose??
    Do you still use your etsy store to sell??

  11. Nikki, siempre es un placer ver sus trabajos.


Thank you for your comment xxx